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Created: Saturday December 1, 2007 - 17:08
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Summary: A tutorial on how to change the music played on various menus, the credits and the loadscreen.
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Loadscreen Music:
Here's where it gets a bit more difficult. We're going to tackle the Loading Screen music. It is slightly different to the previous two, so I'll actually need to do some proper explanation here. The Load Screen music should be left unstreamed in order to yield the lowest possible loading time. In addition, load screen themes will not loop, so they must be long enough to cover an entire loading cycle, otherwise you will get silence afterward until your game loads.

Firstly, we'll create a Passthrough entry and MusicTrack entry for our file. This one is slightly different to the previous ones, so be sure to take note of the changes.
    <AudioFileMP3Passthrough id="MODLoadScreen" File="AUDIO:Airstrike.mp3" IsStreamed="false"/>        
        <MP3MusicTrack id="NewLoadScreenMP3" inheritFrom="MP3MusicTrack:BaseMP3MusicTrack" Volume="60">        
            <VolumeSliderMultiplier Slider="NONE" Multiplier="1.0" />

Okay, when I said changes, I meant change. In the AudioFileMP3Passthrough entry, there is the tag IsStreamed="false". This just tells the game not to stream this music file, which is a must with load screen music. The music theme used here is Airstrike, from Tiberian Dawn.

Now, unlike the previous examples, this one requires several different entries to be changed in several different files. Firstly, in the MiscAudio block, change the parameter of 'SaveFileLoadMusic' to "NewLoadScreenMP3".
Save and close NewSound.xml

Now find the CampaignTemplates.xml file and copy it to your mod folder. At the start of the file, under the Defines section, you will see a define - DEFAULT_CAMPAIGN_LOAD_MUSIC. Change the value of this to "NewLoadScreenMP3". Also, if you want your new score screen music to be played on the Campaign score screens, change the second define (SUMMARY_SCREEN_MUSIC) value to "NewScoreScreeMP3".
Save and close CampaignTemplates.xml.

Now, for the next part, you will have to edit... an INI file! Yes, those neanderthal files of yore. Now, locate PlayerTemplate.ini (under MOD SDK\INI). Change the value for LoadScreenMusic under each PlayerTemplate to NewLoadScreenMP3. Save this file in <ModName>\data\ini. Do not reference this file in mod.xml

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