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0 C&C4 Mammoth tank

Posted by Madin on January 15, 2017 in Tiberian History News




The only structure that you will be able to build the Mammoth Mk IV from is the deployed defensive Crawler. As such it does not replace the TD Mammoth tank as the main high tier mass production vehicle, instead it is considered a 'luxury' addition.
The other thing that you should know is that the only way to upgrade this Mammoth tank is to fully upgrade your defensive Crawler. Whether you consider this worth your time and money is up to you, maybe this information will help you decide.



The basic Mammoth Mk IV has slightly better health then the TD Mammoth, and also a slightly better self repair (it works even when the Mammoth is taking damage). The rocket pods however have a much longer reload then the TD Mammoth, and are not close to being as effective against infantry.



"You cannot run!"


Since by the time you can build this Mammoth tank, you would also be able to upgrade your TD Mammoth with sonic grenades, deciding to build this unt might not be as simple as you think.


Target laser

So finally we get to something really different.
This laser can only target ground units and structures, and has two different uses. Vs infantry it operates as a dazzle laser. The effect of the laser on infantry causes them to go prone, and greatly reduces the speed and range at which infantry attack. Finally it will also do a small amount of damage to infantry. This is more useful against infantry then you might think.




Vs vehicles and structures, it works as a target laser that allows all of your units to do slightly more damage to the targeted unit (10% more). Unlike the dazzle laser, the effect of the target laser stacks up to 5 times (ie up to 50% more damage to a targeted unit).
Obviously the target laser is the difference, and vs the Scrin and Nod late game units, a few Mk IV will be very handy if used correctly.




The Beast!

One of the major irritations that some had with this mod, was the removal of vehicle based rail attacks. I just never liked EA's implementation.




Finally GDI can have vehicle based rail attacks, but see how awkward it is to get to!
To get the beast Mammoth tank, not only do you have to have a defensive Crawler, but that Crawler has to be upgraded to its maximum level! (Tech level III).
Once you have done this all Mk IV's will have not only have rail guns, but will also have double the rocket ammo, a true beast of a vehicle, if you factor in the extra health, better repair, and target\dazzle laser.




The final note, if you remember from the Crawler news article, that the final upgrade boost the production speed of your Crawler? This means that you will be able to pump out rail Mammoths at twice the speed!

I feel bad for your opponent!



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0 GDI Orca

Posted by Madin on January 6, 2017 in Tiberian History News


Once again the dimensional rift as replaced a current unit with a historic version of the unit, once again the main interest are, "what will the set-backs be? and can the classic technology be modernised?

Well the first bit of good news is that the pulse scan has been integrated into the Orca. The pulse scan is invaluable in flushing out Nod Stealth tanks, and support missions against high tech Nod adversaries would have been extremely difficult without it.

As usual though, powerful factions have had their say on how they think the Orca should be improved, and in order to insure that all parties are appeased, tactical command have approved two major upgrade packages that implement a wide array of suggestions.

The Hunter



Steel talons wanted their Orcas to perform mop-up operations. Steel talons typically get air support from Orca bombers, after which they role through and fatten everything!
The Orca is not required during combat, but rather after the main engagement, to seek, and hunt out any survivors. As Steel talons can easily deal with most enemy vehicles and structures due to their impressive firepower, it is highly likely that infantry will make up a portion of the enemy leftovers. And so Steel talons upgrade kit includes a Gatling gun, with a reasonable amount of ammo.

"Where's those Nod rocket troopers?"

Steel talons expect that the 'hunter-seeker' operations will last a while, and so extra ammo is also a part of their upgrade package.

Zone Operations Command



There was never going to be any mystery to ZOCOM's demands. The only question was whether their demands could be met, and more importantly, how cool a ZOCOM refitted classic Orca would look!
Zone Command have managed to refit the classic Orca with the ceramic armour that they made famous, and also even more iconic, the sonic grenade launchers.

You do not want someone who knows how to control this beast, attacking you!

As always, ZOCOM are all about going into enemy 'hot-spots', dealing quick high damage, and quickly retreating. They more often then not complete their mission.

General information

For those who have played Tiberian History: Release 7, the Orcas will no longer benefit from the Hard point upgrade. Instead when you purchase one of these upgrades, you will get the extra ammo.
This bypasses the infuriating 'double upgrade' ammo exploit.
Both upgrades are unlocked by building the Technology center (ie Tier 3), to give your opponent time to prepare.


As you upgrade individual Orcas, you can mix and match your upgrades!


The Orca gun ammo is also limited, and has to be reloaded at the Orca pad.

Thanks to Black_Drakon for the Orca model and texture!

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0 Release 8 - Trial #2

Posted by Madin on January 1, 2017 in Tiberian History News

Release 8 Trial #2 Intro

So as an introduction into what will be a very controversial potential addition, I am going to explain my mindset when I first thought of adding this unit.

I was just doing general CnC image browsing and I came across the Tiberium twilight GDI defensive Crawler (not deployed), and I thought "you know what that does not look bad!"
I remembered that a Kane's Wrath mod had added a GDI Offensive Crawler, and while I do not like the look of the Offensive Crawler, I immediately went back to Tiberian Sun firestorm and thought about GDI's mobile Warfactory. At that point my thinking was that I would look into adding the defensive Crawler as a high healthed mobile Factory, in the spirit of the Firestorm mobile War factory.
At this point I had never played any CnC4 at all, so the idea of adding CnC4 gameplay to TiberianHistory never came up (as stated the idea of a mobile unit factory was thought of well before CnC4).

Eventually I realised that If I wanted sound files etc, I would have to purchase CnC4, which I did.

So those who are looking for CnC4 gameplay will be somewhat disappointed.
So now the question is, did anything get carried over in terms of the abilities of the CnC4 defensive Crawler?



  1. The Crawler can self repair in both deployed and un-deployed modes.
  2. The Crawler is able to repair vehicles (and when upgraded structures) in a small radius around it.
  3. The Crawler can be upgraded twice (the upgrades lead into each other).
  4. The Crawler will be able to deploy infantry and vehicles (the list has not been decided yet).
  5. The Crawler will get its defensive gun when upgraded!

Presume that anything not listed is not in the mod.


The Crawler is a high level reinforcement power (Tier IV at the Space Command Uplink) that drops off the infamous defensive Crawler. You can drop it anywhere (were there is space!) on the battlefield.
You will only be allowed one Crawler per team (the support power is greyed out after deployment).





The Crawlers primary purpose is as a mobile unit factory (infantry and vehicles, although it will be a small selection that is yet to be decided). The secondary function is to act as a repair post (deployed only).



It is designed to be used in the front line, and as such it has a lot of health (at least the same as a Con yard when deployed, at least 3/4 of an epic unit when mobile).



Further functionality can be added via a couple of upgrades.


The first available upgrade, will upgrade your Crawler to tech level II. The main feature of this upgrade is the defensive turret that gets added. While this turret is not even close to an upgraded AGT or the monstrous Jackhammer, because of the sheer health of the structure that it is placed on, it will do a lot of damage!



The second important feature is a significant increase in the repair power and radius of the Crawler. If you plan on using your Crawler on the front line, this is a vital upgrade (it will also effect the Crawlers self-repair).




Once the first upgrade has been purchased, the second upgrade 'Tech level III' will become unlocked.



This upgrade is certainly not as big a jump as the first upgrade, however:

  1. It doubles the barrels on your defensive tower, effectively doubling the damage!
  2. It adds a large stealth detection radius, handy if you are facing Nod.
  3. Increases the shroud clearing radius.
  4. It halves the amount of time that it takes to produce units at the Crawler!



The defensive turret will only appear on the deployed Crawler. The stealth detection and increased vision will be on both deployed and mobile states.
Please be warned that the Crawler upgrades only apply to your current Crawler. If it is destroyed then you will have to repurchase the upgrades, so please consider this.

Trial info

As before this is being trialled, so it might not make it into release 8. However I will say that the only thing that will stop me from using this is extensive bugs that effect the mods gameplay. It is a lot more likely that this will make the main roster then the Nod trike for example. If it does not make it, and if there are not too many bugs, I will include it as a rare crate item for you to try it out.


I would like to thank all those who are leaving the mod, for your support over the years. I understand and respect your decision, I will not try to change your mind. Please understand that adding this does not mean that I like CnC4 (having played it it is worse then I ever could have imagined!), but from a gameplay perspective, this interest me too much not to add it.

Thanks to Gunship_Mark_II for the Drop pod code and FX!

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0 Release 8 - Trial #1

Posted by Madin on December 23, 2016 in Tiberian History News

Release 8 Trial #1



The name 'Scavengers' was applied to the numerous groups who, while not part of the Nod military machine, were willing to do various acts against GDI (which included frequent attacks) ... for a price.

While their equipment was not up to the standards of Nod's main military, they easily matched Nod's 'Raider' squads, and in some cases surpassed them.
While these groups would typically be referred to as mercenaries, because of the much more localised, and mostly unprofessional nature of the Scavengers, and because they often operate within their gangs (often bike gangs), they are considered a sub-category of mercenary.

The fact that many of these groups refuse to identify themselves with Nod is actually of benefit to the brotherhood, as it means that there is plausible deniability of Scavenger activities against GDI. Nod often claimed that the Scavengers were 'grass-root' insurgents, all while providing them with weapons, ammunition, and cash!

Do not underestimate the Scavengers capabilities!





The Scavenger support power will be a new reinforcement power that will be added to the Nod Air tower.
It cost $3000 and drops off 4 'Assault bikes'. Please note that this support power is the only way to get these units!




The main feature of these trike's is the triple mortars at their rear, which provide excellent anti-infantry and anti-structure performance. A couple of small calibre machine guns are also attached on either side of the trike, in case any infantry get too close!






The Scavenger style is the same as Nod raiders, hit-and-run. Pick off weaker targets, and harass the opponent!


Trial info

The reason that this is being called a trial, is that I am unsure about the implementation of this unit. So I am literally trying it out to see if I like it. If I come up against any major issues during testing, I will remove this unit from Release 8's main roster and relegate it to a crate item (so you will still have a chance to try it out).




There will be at least one more trial item, and it will cause controversy!

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0 Some PProgress (PP News #3 | 9/11/2016)

Posted by Starkku on November 9, 2016 in Project Phantom News

So what's up with Project Phantom currently? The news-silence has been mostly due to the mod currently being in a beta testing phase, with most focus going on to polishing gameplay and finishing some graphical assets rather than showcasing. Thought I'd rectify that a bit, however.


The second part of Experimental Weapons Test is now available. This one features a bonus clip showing an unit from the previous installment that has been through quite significant changes based on feedback.

Experimental Weapons Test #2

There is also the second part of Hero Spotlight which was uploaded earlier on.

Hero Spotlight #2

This leaves only one part left of both Hero Spotlight and Experimental Weapons Test - which should hopefully appear during coming weeks.


I was initially planning on bringing the website up-to-date gradually as time goes by, but as the mod is currently going through a playtesting phase I figured trying to keep the website up-to-date at this point would be colossal waste of time, and therefore it will be brought fully up-to-date at once much closer to the release of first public beta version some time in (hopefully near) future.


One of the big recent additons/changes to Project Phantom is adoption of the new game client created by Rampastring of Dawn of the Tiberium Age. This allows Project Phantom to be played over CnCNet and provides several other neat features especially for game setup. Below is a small teaser of how the client currently looks.

news_clientmain_thumb.png news_clientsetup_thumb.png

Those with keen eyes might have spotted an unit in the bonus clip segment of the new Experimental Weapons Test video that has not appeared anywhere before. This unit is Liberator AMOS, an artillery unit used by the Western Coalition. Armed with dual mortar guns that can unleash a rapid barrage of moderately inaccurate shells on enemy units from a range. In addition, it sports a third gun that occassionally fires an EMP ordnance as well which will incapacitate enemy vehicles and defences without adequate countermeasures installed.


Few structures have also had their placeholder artwork replaced with brand new ones.

Dominion Training Camp

Dominion Battle Lab

Phantom Shadow Conduit
Phantom Shadow Conduit is an important but expensive Phantom structure that cloaks nearby units and grants specific units ability to cloak regardless of their position on the map. However, if you lose all Shadow Conduits or go on low power, those units will lose their cloaked status until another one is constructed or base power is restored. In team games, you can benefit from your allies' Shadow Conduits.

And for those who might have missed it on ModDB, Facebook or Twitter earlier this autumn, there is the following.

Phantom Singularity Catalyst
Phantom Singularity Catalyst is Phantom's superweapon structure that provides access to Singularity Collapse superweapon.


Until next time.

linkbtn_fb.png linkbtn_twt.png linkbtn_yt.png linkbtn_moddb.png

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1 AGSA News #2 (22/09/16) feat. Frank Klepacki

Posted by on September 22, 2016 in

What?! This mod isn't dead?! The funny thing about many modifications, is that creators make them in their own free time, for no financial incentive.
You may have heard of so called "mod teams" but the in reality, many modifications are single man projects, where the creator is fortunate enough to know some very talented people or is very talented themselves. 

I've been fortunate enough to know some incredibly talented people in the community which makes this news post possible. 

Paradigm EVA
I'm delighted to announce the new EVA for Paradigm, voiced by none other than the legendary Frank Klepacki!
I had the unique opportunity to hire him for the role of Paradigm EVA and as you can imagine I was really impressed with the results achieved. 
Frank Klepacki is well known for his iconic Command & Conquer music and also the legendary voice of the Commando unit in the original Command & Conquer. 

Thanks to the great talent of DonutArnold (who you may know from PPM), who is also a 3d modeller for AGSA. 
DonutArnold also created the new logo for the ESDF (European Self Defense Force) and the EVA for this faction. 

I would like to George "Se

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0 Mercenary Factions & Unit Showcases (PP News #2 | 8/9/2016)

Posted by Starkku on September 8, 2016 in Project Phantom News

Time for the second Project Phantom semi-regular newspost.
Those that follow Project Phantom in Facebook, Twitter or ModDB might be aware of the recent unit showcase videos, with first parts of the Hero Spotlight and Experimental Weapons Test series both available for view at both Youtube and ModDB, focusing on three of the total of nine hero infantry and experimental units respectively. While all of the heroes were shown in the previous newspost, this time you get to see them in action and as a bit of a teaser for future parts of Hero Spotlight, some of the heroes have had some changes to them during the couple of months.
Hero Spotlight Part 1

Experimental Weapons Test Part 1

While the updates on the faction structures/units pages have been delayed a bit in favour of the unit showcase videos, a new page has been added under Miscellanneous section, detailing the so-called Mercenary Factions in the mod. These factions are not playable per-se, mostly serving as a neutral force on the maps with few things for players to capture and make use of. The currently included factions are Fist of Titans, a loosely associated group of mercenaries and guerilla fighters primarily operating in the Eastern Europe and Crimson Crown, a large industrial corporate group with ruthless reputation specializing in mining, technology and vehicle manufacturing as well as security business.
Of particular note is Crimson Crown's Technology Vault, which besides giving access to Prototype Disruptor Tower support power, also allows construction of one of the three faction specific tier 3 units (or all of them if you happen to have factory and technology lab of each of the three factions).
Coalition Equalizer Missile System is a premium anti-air unit that can also disable ground vehicles using EMP. Dominion Svarog Ironcaster uses a special chemical compound called Iron Skin to shield your own vehicles from any damage. Phantom Hyperion Plasma Cannon is a powerful siege unit that can teleport across the battlefield and annihilate structures with it's plasma cannon.


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20 Mental Omega News Bulletin #26 (27/08/2016)

Posted by Speeder on August 27, 2016 in Mental Omega APYR News

So what are we doing these days? We are mostly testing. I know this is taking time but there's only a few of us and we're making the mod in our free time. If we were Westwood in their prime, we'd do this all in half a year probably but we're not. We're just modders.
We're testing the client created by Rampastring of the Dawn of the Tiberium Age fame who's been so kind as to help us get the next version of Mental Omega, which has now been labeled 3.3, to work with CnCNet5 and make use of other various advantages that this client provides. If you're not familiar with DTA, you should check this video to see what it's all about. We're also testing new and old missions, skirmish for bugs and crashes and of course doing some balancing since an entirely new side is now involved.
Speaking of the 4th side, the Foehn Revolt, I've prepared this short video which reveals the recent additions to the unit roster of Mental Omega in more detail. 

Mental Omega 3.3 - New Units Showcase #1

The music for this preview has kindly been provided to us by World Beyond whose music will comprise the soundtrack of the Foehn Revolt. Go and check his entire catalogue, it's great.


As I have tweeted quite recently, we've finished creating and voicing the units for the Foehn Revolt and there will be about 50 of them in its first release. After that, if we get some good ideas for new ones we will expand their tech tree accordingly. The only thing that will not expand is the stolen tech roster once it hits 16 units. And speaking of stolen tech..


The new stolen technology roster: 8 units to go.

Two additional stolen tech units have been revealed: the Allied Quickshifter and the Epsilon Salamander. The Quickshifter becomes available after the Allies have constructed their War Factory, their technology buildings and also infiltrated an enemy Allied Tech Center. There are traitors on the battlefield after all, right? People have been asking 'how do the Allies get more tech from the Allies', I wouldn't know, but hey, we all know how stolen tech works in this game. It's always a fun way to acquire some special units during a skirmish.

Allied Quickshifter by ONE X

The Quickshifter is the new chronoshifting tank which uses a missile barrage similar to that of the Aegis Cruiser. Compared to the Chrono Legio nnaire, Quickshifter deals standard damage which is something that might make it even more dangerous than the trooper. Additionally, it can target aircraft and transport a single passenger, effectively making it a chrono transport.
Thanks to Ares DLL though, this passenger is unable to leave as long as the Quickshifter is still warping in. The ridiculous oversight of chrono transports in mods that didn't rely on Ares was that a passenger could leave the chrono transport as soon as it appeared on the target cell, so imagine what was happening when that was combined with a Navy SEAL and his C4. The Quickshifter does not have this issue.

Epsilon Salamander by Azri_Apoc

The Salamander is essentially the next generation Basilisk which was possible to be built thanks to some of Foehn's advanced technology. When an Epsilon Proselyte manages to infiltrate a Foehn Cloud Piercer with the use of his Infiltrators, he receives access to their confusion ray technology, which Epsilon technicians combine with many, many A.R.O. launchers. This forms an aircraft with incredible firepower and a way to prevent enemy forces from even firing back.
The Salamander can target both ground and air units alike and has two types of confusion rays. The first one will be fired at range, with reach similar to its A.R.O. launchers. The second one will be activated below the aircraft, making all enemy units in an area below target each other instead of the Salamander or any other unit that belongs to you. Salamander is slow and its armor is not that great, however it'll be quite tricky to even damage this unit considering its eclectic weapon combination and quite a large range.
But enough about the stolen tech units, let's take a closer look at the new units of the Foehn Revolt.

Coronian Draco Tank by ONE X

The Draco is a very unique tank which acts as a basic combat vehicle for the Wings of Coronia subfaction of Foehn. While its basic speed and durability are nothing spectacular, Draco Tank has two special characteristics that make it very effective in battle. First of all, it is equipped with devices similar to those of a Jackal Racer or Sweeper which make it receive high speed boosts whenever they are nearby a Spinblade. Once a Draco has been boosted, it can outrun even the Mantis Tank of the Scorpion Cell, which is said to be one of the fastest main battle tanks in the world.
The other special feature of the Draco is the ability to detach its turret upon destruction and allow it to act as an autonomous aircraft unit. The turret is in fact a small drone which, while it won't be able to withstand too much anti-aircraft fire, might still give the Foehn Commanders the necessary edge to win an armored battle with the enemy tanks. The presence of Draco on the battlefield alone forces the enemies of the Wings of Coronia to not only rely on their tanks but anti-aircraft vehicles as well.

Haihead Diverbee by ONE X

Do not underestimate this little aircraft judging it by its size - Haihead's Diverbee is an extremely dangerous thing to see on the battlefield on the enemy side. Just like all the other aircraft of Foehn, the Diverbee makes the best of their wind control technology and never has to land on an airstrip. Once it catches on with your ground units, it will launch itself at them from a short distance and violently explode causing lots of damage to all types of armor and infantry as well.
Since Haihead focuses on dealing as much damage to the enemy forces as possible, the Diverbee is no exception. It is a flying bomb capable of destroying the lighter of tanks in just a hit and taking down the heavier ones in a combination of three or four. It is however an expensive unit which requires full technology access on the Haihead's side and can still be shot down with a relatively small amount of anti-aircraft fire.

Foehn Minermite by Mevitar

Last but not least today comes the Minermite which is Foehn's harvester of choice. Tiny, is the word that describers this miner best: it's small, it's cheap, as it costs only $700 and makes the price of the Foehn Ore Refinery go down to $1300, and as expected, it has small storage for the harvested ore, half of what the Allied Chrono Miner has. However, it is able to achieve high speeds and get additional speed boosts with the use of Spinblade, in a similar fashion the Draco Tank does.
Minermite is also capable of repairing nearby mechanical units just like the Soviet Repair Drone or an IFV/AMC/Tsurugi or Stinger with an Engineer inside. This means that if many Minermites are working in a group, they'll be quick to repair each other if the enemy is trying to destroy these little harvesters. Don't be surprised when it turns out that you'll need to include more units in your early rushes than you expected to take down at least one in a small group of Minermites with.
After updating the Factions info pages for the original sides, I've decided to update the Neutral Structures page wth new additions by Nooze as well. These are the following:

Tech Nuclear Plant by Nooze

It's a capturable nuclear power plant! What else is there to say? It provides less power than the Soviet Nuclear Reactor, as it's only 1000 units but it also explodes less violently. Considering that being on full power is even more important in the next version, capturing one of these early game might help you perform a quick tech rush. Remember that if you are on low power in the next version, your production speed will fall by 50%.

Tech Missile Silo by Nooze

This is the updated Tech Missile Silo that grants you access to a powerful Missile Strike.

Tech Academy by Nooze

This is the first in a series of tech buildings which provide the units or defenses you build with initial veterancy thanks to Ares DLL academy logic. Tech Academy gives initial veterancy to your infantry.

Tech Heavy Machinery by Nooze

Tech Heavy Machinery gives initial veterancy to your ground vehicles.

Tech Aeronautics by Nooze

Tech Aeronautics gives initial veterancy to all of your aircraft, this includes jets, helicopters, blimps, flying saucers, Rocketeers, Hornets on Aircraft Carriers, all of those things.

Tech Defense Bureau by Nooze

In Mental Omega defensive structures will also become stronger as they kill more units. We don't refer to this as 'veterancy' but simply 'upgrades' instead. With a captured Tech Defense Bureau all the defenses you build will appear with an initial upgrade.

Tech Military Docks by Nooze

Heavy Machinery doesn't give you veteran ships and neither does infiltration of an enemy factory with a spy. Capturing the Tech Military Docks however do. Note that this building is not placed on water, it is placed very close to it and that's what I recommend for mappers to do in the future.
After all, Engineers cannot swim in Mental Omega.

And that's it for today. Stay tuned for more updates and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified about new Unit Showcase videos.


If you'd like to help develop Mental Omega further, write an e-mail to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com
We always welcome additional Voxel Artists, 3D & SHP Artists, Mission Scripters and Voice Actors.
Single contributions are also welcome and will speed up the development of the mod.


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7 Contra 009 work in progress - Update 7

Posted by predator_bg on August 6, 2016 in Contra News (eng)

Originally posted on ModDB by d-ce on Aug 6th, 2016


Hello dear friends!

As usual we are bringing you some insight into our progress. It would be a shame if Summer would go without some new fancy update right!? So, without much intro, let's get to it.
USA Super Weapon general got long awaited and expected tank unit, Centurion tank!
Centurion is energy depending, rank 1 tank, which needs to be purchased through general's powers. This means, if you want him, you will need to spend one science point. Centurion consumes 2 energy points, and without energy he is shut down. His special hovering locomotor allows him to drive over water and cliffs. Fires energy shots which cannot be deviated by ecm. Centurion is good to deal vs. any rank 1 tank, but also, with upgrades at rank 3, he can improve his armor, and weapon. But, while improving weapon, he will need even more energy, specifically he will need 3 energy points in total to be online. So, be careful, this is a tricky unit. Standing near Ion Plant will give him additional +50% damage bonus, because he will consume energy directly from Ion Plant.
Depending on your enemy, you will be able to choose whether you go standard with defenses, or you purchase this fancy tank. Mostly recommended vs. generals who do not rely too much on infantry.
Demo general's Ratel
Ratel is a fine piece of technology designed for Demo general, available at rank 3. His main weapon can pierce through any rank 1 unit and deal significant damage to stronger units, for example Emperors. But, his main role is his secondary weapon, suicide pack, which is designed specifically to destroy huge vehicles like Emperors. Ratel's armor allows him to survive 2 Emperor shots, perform suicide attack and destroy Emperor. Additional ability is to transport 6 units (cannot fire from inside), which can survive suicide attack, and deal extra damage. Ratel is not a salvager, but he can be upgraded with many upgrades.
Stealth general's Ratel II
This ratel variant is made specifically for stealth general. Available at rank 3, Ratel II is a sneaky bastard who lures his targets into trap. Ratel II is stealth by default, while standing still and shooting. He reveals himself only when moving. His special ability allows him to fire a jamming beam which makes enemy unit unselectable, while remaining stealth he also fires primary machinegun and deals significant damage to target. Targeted vehicle is helpless, cannot return fire because Ratel II is stealth, and also cannot force fire because cannot be selected. Only scout unit, or another can help you if you find yourself in trap. Since he is smaller, he can transport only 2 units (cannot fire from inside). Also, he is not a salvager.
Another big thing, is change in Laser general's gameplay. 
Laser general's units are no longer upgradeable through different lasers, they get better lasers with each rank. Basically, all laser units start with blue laser, while progressing through veterancy they improve to green, orange and finally red lasers. Advancing with laser units now pays off more than waiting and purchasing upgrades, I like to call this rampage gameplay. The more units your unit kills, the better weapon it gets. We all know each veterancy rank improved slightly weapon for each unit, but for laser units, this is very noticeable, both visually and gameplay-wise.
Some additional stuff is given to laser. New Laser Training power, available at rank 3, makes all laser units start with green laser. For this general, most important upgrade is Training upgrade from strategy center, which makes laser units gain experience twice faster.
Another small addition are generals flags on GLA Factory structures. No longer you will have to click on worker or factory to find out which general it is, you can simply look at flag.
I recommend you to follow Persun's youtube channel. He is our tester and he uploads videos of our games every week, as well as many other walkthrough videos. Our last 2v2 game will show you laser gameplay and Ratel in-game. It was a great game, take a look at it:
Thanks to our new members, Marakar and Teteros, we have more intense and mixed games. Before I end this update, Predator wants to leave a message too.
- Hi people, Predator here. Just want to keep you up to date on what's going on with other aspects of the mod, the ones which I'm responsible for. I have fixed some big AI issues, working on Challenge and Campaign as much as I can, and improving some cameos as well. Some people have requested new multiplayer maps, containing usable Boss technologies, but sadly, I don't have enough time in my hands for them... If you have interesting ideas in mind and would like to make cool maps like these, feel free to send me a PM. Show me what you've made and I may include it in the next release. I have a physical part done for an AOD map by the way (but no scripting). It's been sitting on my PC for years. Also, I would appreciate if anyone experiencing problems with the Contra Launcher (the "Could not launch Contra" error in particular) contacts me. I have made some changes to it, but need someone who had problems with it to test if it works for him now. Thanks guys.
There are some new features that are in progress, which will be shown in the next updates. Until then, stay tuned!

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5 Hecthor Doomhammer's OpenRA 1vs1 Tournament (tm)

Posted by on June 13, 2016 in

From now on it's go time!
In this topic after this post we can discuss everything related to the tournament, but first, the Bracket!
Note that this bracket is no longer up for change.
Tournament round rules:
Round 1: Cycle (bo3)
Players pick 3 different countries to play. Any, Any(Allies) and Any(Soviets) are not allowed. A player cannot pick a country he already played in this round.
Quarter Finals: Random (b03)
Players Pick ANY. not Any (Allies) or Any (Soviets) nor a specific country
Semi Finals: Stronk (b05)
Players pick 1 single country, preferably their strongest and stick wit that for the entire round. Any, Any(Allies) and Any(Soviets) are not allowed.
Bronze Match & Finals: Mirror (all 5 matches)
All 5 matches of this round will be played as Mirror Matches. Order of the country selection are:
France - Ukraine - England - Russia - Germany
While the winner of the round will be decided as B05, all 5 matches will be played
- The Tournament will consist of 2 weekends starting July 2nd. Ending July 10th
- First match (Kwendy vs Anjew) will start on July 2nd at 10:00 AM GMT
- Match 1, 2, 3, 8 & 9 will be held on Saturday July 2nd starting at 10:00 AM GMT
- Match 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 & 11 will be held on Sunday July 3rd starting at 10 AM GMT
- Semi Finals will be held on Saturday July 9th, starting at 10:00 AM GMT
- Bronze Match & Finals will be held on Sunday July 10th starting at 10:00 GMT
Map pool
- The first player in the match up will decide the first map
- The other player will decide the 2nd map
- For B05, rinse and repeat for map 3&4
- The final map will be decided by me via Random Number Generator
The maps are:
- Behind The Veil
- Dual Cold Front
- Keep Off The Grass 2
- Man To Man
- Ore Lord
- Side Step
- Singles
- Warwind
- Winterstorm
- Should a 1vs1 Red Alert map out of the Mapmaking contest win, This map will be the 10th map in the pool.
Additional info:
- Tournament officials: Hecthor Doomhammer, FiveAces, SoScared, Ripsn, Jazz_KCS
- Commentators & Spectaors: Hecthor Doomhammer, FiveAces, SoScared. No other Spectators allowed!
- Mumbleserver: [64H] Multiplayer
- Technical support: Jazz_KCS (perhaps co-commentator, is allowed to spectate)