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By Category

Normal Mod (5 mods)

Modifications that improve or expand upon any of the C&C games, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, but still let it remain C&C at its core.

Total Conversion (9 mods)

In this category you can find the modifications that turn a C&C game into a completely different game, with a different story, different world and different characters.

By Game

Tiberian Dawn (currently empty)

The game that started it all back in 1995.

Red Alert (1 mod)

The first instalment in the Red Alert series.

Tiberian Sun (1 mod)

The critically acclaimed sequel to Tiberian Dawn.

Firestorm (currently empty)

The popular expansion pack to Tiberian Sun.

Red Alert 2 (1 mod)

The greatly popular sequel to Red Alert 1.

Yuri's Revenge (6 mods)

The bestselling expansion to Red Alert 2.

Renegade (currently empty)

The FPS spin-off of the Tiberian series.

Generals (1 mod)

The modern warfare spin-off of the C&C series.

Zero Hour (currently empty)

The highly popular expansion pack for Generals.

Command & Conquer 3 (2 mods)

The long awaited third instalment in the Tiberian series.

Kane's Wrath (1 mod)

The expansion pack to C&C3.

Red Alert 3 (2 mods)

The third instalment in the Red Alert series.

Uprising (currently empty)

The digital-download expansion pack to Red Alert 3.

Command & Conquer 4 (currently empty)

The conclusion to the Tiberian series.

Generals 2 (currently empty)

The upcoming sequel to Command and Conquer Generals and Zero Hour.

Tiberium Alliances (currently empty)

The upcoming browser-based MMO addition to the Tiberian series.

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