Modifying Other Shell Music

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Created: Saturday December 1, 2007 - 17:08
Updated: Saturday May 5, 2012 - 18:13
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Summary: A tutorial on how to change the music played on various menus, the credits and the loadscreen.
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This tutorial will show you how to modify the music played on the Skirmish Menu Screen, the Game Credits, the post-game Score Screen and the pre-gameLoading Screen.

This tutorial follows on from my previous tutorial on the main menu music. If you have followed that tutorial, you should have the TD Main Menu music as your main menu theme.

Required Items:
- An XML Editor (Notepad can be used as a last resort).
- The latest C&C3 Mod SDK.
- A reasonably average IQ level.
- An Audio Converter (if your music is not in MP3 format already)

Now, if you have read my previous music tutorial, you should know the basics of music files already. If you do not, I suggest you try my first tutorial before attempting this one, as I will not be explaining how music works in C&C3 this time round.

Copy the SoundMod.xml from the SampleMod that comes with the SDK. This saves a lot of time trying to get the MiscAudio block out of the C&C3 XMLs, then copying the base audio track modules etc. Rename this file 'NewSound.xml'. If you've copied the SampleMod's file, the id tag on the MiscAudio block should already be unique, but if it is not, make it so now.

I've organised this tutorial into a page per music type style:
Page 1: You're reading it right now.
Page 2: Skirmish Menu Music.
Page 3: Credits Music.
Page 4: Score Screen Music.
Page 5: Load Screen Music.
Page 6: Final Notes.

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