Creating an Advanced Dozer

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Created: Wednesday July 29, 2009 - 7:44
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Summary: How to enable more structures into your mod by creating an advanced dozer.
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Now we are going to have to edit the Command Center's CommandSet so that we can build our Advanced Dozer. Do a Find for 'CommandSet AmericaCommandCenterCommandSet' it will take you directly to the CommandSet for the Command Center. As I'm sure you've figured out by now we must add something to this module in order to make the Advanced Dozer Buildable.

Below: 1 = Command_ConstructAmericaDozer
add: 2 = Command_ConstructAmericaAdvDozer

The finished product should look something like this:
CommandSet AmericaCommandCenterCommandSet
1 = Command_ConstructAmericaDozer
2 = Command_ConstructAmericaAdvDozer
5 = Command_A10ThunderboltMissileStrike
6 = Command_Paradrop
7 = Command_SpyDrone
8 = Command_EmergencyRepair
9 = Command_DaisyCutter
10 = Command_SpySatelliteScan
11 = Command_SetRallyPoint
12 = Command_Sell

And thats it, Save CommandSet.ini and close it. We're almost done, we have to edit the CSF now, and then we are done with the editing part. So your going to have to use a CSF editor. (You can download one here) Open up Generals.csf with the CSF editor you just download (or alread had). You should see a whole list of hundreds of strings. We are going to add 3 new strings to this list, all of which we edited into FactionUnit.ini or CommandButton.ini earlier in this tutorial. To add a string right click anywhere on the list and click insert string.

For the first string insert:
as the name and:
Advanced Construction Dozer
as the value.

For the second string insert:
ControlBar: ConstructAmericaAdvDozer
as the name and:
&Advanced Construction Dozer
as the value.

For the last string insert:
as the name and:
Builds all Advanced USA structures and repairs buildings
as the value.

If you remember right we put Object:AdvDozer into FactionUnit.ini as the DisplayName of the AdvancedDozer, so ingame the Dozer will show up as the 'Advanced Construction Dozer'. The second string is the name of the Advanced Dozer that shows up when you hover your cursor over the button on the CommandBar. And the last string is the description shown below the name when you hover your cursor over the button.

Thats it, your done with the editing. Now all you have to do is place these edited files in the correct directory and test it out. Now for those of you who don't know where to put the files, don't try and guess just keep reading. Below is each name, and the folder in which they are suppose to go. %generals% is your generals directory where the game was installed, not the folder in My Documents.


Note: If you are running the german or korean version of Generals replace English with either 'German' or 'Korean'.

Your Done!Congrats, You've successfully (I hope) created an Advanced Dozer and enabled 11 empty slots for new structures in your mod. Now just run the game and play around with your new Dozer, then go mod the game some more and make a mod you can be proud of.

Here are some screenshots of what it should look like in-game:
Original Dozer
Advanced Dozer

If it doesn't work, and the game crashes (you get a 'serious error') then you have misspelled something. Check the 'ReleaseCrashInfo.txt' file in your '%My Documents\Command & Conquer Generals Data\' folder. It will tell you which INI (and where in the INI)the problem was created. Then go to that INI file and check through the entry it says and check your spelling on everything you've changed, and if you find nothing wrong keep looking. If nothing you do manages to fix it, I have a file filled with all the INI entries required to make this work, and will gladly give it to you if you ask.

Good Luck and Happy Modding!


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Original MaterialThe_kid

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