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Created: Thursday August 6, 2009 - 15:45
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Summary: What we knew about C&C4 prior to the beta release.
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Command & Conquer 4, the final instalment in the Tiberian series, was recently announced. So far, details are sketchy as to what the game will contain, both in plot and in gameplay. However, current signs point toward some radical changes in the C&C make-up.

What do we know so far?

Well, through various sources such as Battlecast Primetime, and public interviews with staff, we've gained a bit of an insight into the contents of the conclusion to the Tiberian series.

First off, base building. We're all familiar with the ConYard system, yes? Well, in C&C4, gameplay has been "streamlined" by introducing a new construction dynamic. As opposed to the classic static Construction Yard and base buildings, we now have a massive mobile mechanoid called the Crawler. This vehicle is capable of modular upgrades which enable it to produce structures, such as defenses, or units.

Next, we have the method by which your technology upgrades during the game. In previous C&C games, you 'teched up' by constructing higher tier structures, unlocking new construction options as you went. Now, you no longer have the freedom to access every piece of technology at your disposal. EA have introduced a Battlefield-esque unlocks system into C&C4. Your player profile will gain experience points and level up with each online or skirmish battle that you win. Upon levelling up, you can pick a new unlock from several different classes. The nature of the unlock depends on the class you pick, i.e. the Offensive class gains vehicle upgrades and the Ion Cannon super weapon; on the other hand, the Defensive class (being the only one capable of building a static base) will gain structure upgrades. This allows players to completely vary and personalise their army and strategy. EA have stated that this new dynamic will not marginalise newbies, as a player with no unlocks is not necessarily weaker than a player who has progressed up the tree. Confirmed upgrades at this stage include stealth and subterranean technology.

A consequence that is proving unpopular with many fans is that the game will need to be connected to the Internet at all times, due to the new progression system, even if you're only playing singleplayer.

The resource system has completely changed as well. Gone are the days of yore when you would harvest Tiberium from sprawling fields. Instead, EA have clearly stated that there will be no harvesting in C&C4. The actual dynamics are something similar to capturing Tiberium Spikes that litter the map. These generate your income. There is no harvesting of any kind. Not even from nodes.

Another completely new detail in the C&C games is coming to us in C&C4 - a population cap. Similar to its implementation in the Battle for Middle Earth series (also based on the SAGE engine, of which C&C4's RNA engine is a descendant), each player will have a certain amount of 'Command Points'. Once a number of units have been purchased to bring this number to its limit, the player will not be able to construct any new units until existing ones have been removed.

Lastly, the storyline. C&C4 is set 15 years after the events of C&C3. The population of Earth is on the brink of extinction as Tiberium encroaches ever further into the environment. In these desperate times, Kane re-appears from the shadows, and shows up at GDI headquarters claiming to have a solution to the problem, and produces what appears to be the Tacitus. Meanwhile, you play a renegade commander who is not altogether happy with the new love-fest developing between GDI and Nod.

The Scrin and Forgotten do feature in the story, but neither will be a playable faction.

Where can I find out more?

Well, we will update this page when new information comes in, but if you really can't wait that long, all I advise is that you keep your eyes on EA's C&C4 site in the meantime.

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