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Created: Wednesday July 29, 2009 - 7:56
Updated: Sunday October 11, 2009 - 8:08
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Summary: How to re-enable the Dragon Tank's napalm death effects.
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One of the cut "tidbits" out of the final release of Generals/ZH was the Dragon Tank Exploding / Napalm Death Effects. Thankfully the code is still in the existing ini's (In the ZH ini's anyways) and with a small little few things you can re-enable them.

In the end this is what the New Tags will look like:

; Catch fire, and explode death
Behavior = SlowDeathBehavior ModuleTag_10
ProbabilityModifier = 33
DestructionDelay = 2000
DestructionDelayVariance = 300
FX = INITIAL FX_CrusaderCatchFire
OCL = FINAL OCL_DragonDebris
FX = FINAL FX_GenericTankDeathExplosion

; Napalm spills out, and explode death
Behavior = SlowDeathBehavior ModuleTag_11
ProbabilityModifier = 34
DestructionDelay = 2000
DestructionDelayVariance = 300
FX = INITIAL FX_DragonNapalmSpill
OCL = FINAL OCL_DragonDebris
FX = FINAL FX_DragonTankDeathExplosionFinal

; Turret fly off death
Behavior = SlowDeathBehavior ModuleTag_12
ProbabilityModifier = 25
DestructionDelay = 500
DestructionDelayVariance = 100
FX = INITIAL FX_GenericTankDeathEffect
FX = FINAL FX_GenericTankDeathExplosionFinal

Now, if you find the Entry for the Dragon Tanks in your ini files you'll find the above all commented out plus they are missing numbers on their module tags.

Firstly, Remove all of the Comments (Hold off on the Probability Modifier for a moment) so that it's now an active SlowDeathBehaviour Module. Secondly add your numbers. You can c/p mine if you want but be warned. You must manually then edit the tags after the SlowDeathBehaviour Modules. Module Tags 12 & 13 are already in use and you must manually change them (if you c/p the entries above) if you don't want to crash ZH.

Secondly, I suggest you use the ProbabilityModifier tags as otherwise it will always (or 90% of the time) choose the Turret Fly off death behaviour. Not that it's not cool, but the Napalm Spilling out and catching fire looks quite cool.

Feel free to mess around with the OCL as you see fit.

Lastly, for a small graphical effect you might want to remove the ; in front of ReallyDamagedParticleSystem1 for some added graphical shizzy. When the Dragon Tank's damage falls below half of it's health it'll start to give off smoke which adds to it's napalmness.


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