Napalm Strikes

Tutorial for Generals Gen, Zero Hour ZH

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Created: Wednesday July 29, 2009 - 7:53
Updated: Sunday October 11, 2009 - 8:09
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Summary: How to add a Napalm Strike super weapon to Generals.
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In China Mission 7 you are granted a one time use of the Powerful Napalm Strike which calls down a strike of 4 MiGs to create a firestorm at a targeted Location.

Albeit it still works, however there are (for inexplicable reasons) problems with the Napalm Strike firing from the Command Center. Therefore I use the Propaganda Centre for mine (Use whatever you feel is right.)

Anyways onto the Tutorial.

Firstly open FactionBuilding.ini and locate:

Object ChinaCommandCenter

Behavior = OCLSpecialPower ModuleTag_16

SpecialPowerTemplate = SuperweaponNapalmStrike



Cut/Copy the Module Tag and find the Propaganda Center (Or Whatever Building you choose).

Object ChinaPropagandaCenter

Behavior = OCLSpecialPower ModuleTag_30

SpecialPowerTemplate = SuperweaponNapalmStrike



Feel free to add it whereever on the Building you use and I suggest using a higher number rather than 16, as 16 is taken on most buildings. Anyways, in terms of buildings, your done! Onto the CommandSets!

Locate the building that is using the superweapon and add this line

CommandSet ChinaPropagandaCenterCommandSet

XX = Command_NapalmStrike

CommandSet ChinaPropagandaCenterCommandSetUpgrade

XX = Command_NapalmStrike

XX of course being the number that you use & of course it's on the upgrade command set otherwise when you upgrade to mines you'll lose the command.

I suggest (and this goes for all buildings) putting the Superweapon off to the right. This way it seperates units/technology/superweapons.

With that your done. Load up the Game and test out your Napalm Strike.

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