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Created: Wednesday July 29, 2009 - 7:51
Updated: Sunday October 11, 2009 - 8:09
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Summary: Miscellaneous bugfixes you can make in Zero Hour.
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As I was going through my list of changes in my mod Command Imperium I noticed I had a rather large amount of good old miscellaneous changes and fixes I made. So without further ado here we go.

1. The Emperor Overlord Propaganda Tower Bug (No Subliminal Messaging Upgrade Effect)

Find the following code in the TankGeneral ini file under Object Tank_ChinaTankOverlordPropagandaTower

Behavior = PropagandaTowerBehavior ModuleTag_04
Radius = 150.0
DelayBetweenUpdates = 2000 ; in milliseconds
HealPercentEachSecond = 1% ; get this % of max health every second
PulseFX = FX_OverlordPropagandaTowerPropagandaPulse ;plays as often as DelayBetweenUpdates
UpgradeRequired = Upgrade_ChinaSubliminalMessaging
UpgradedHealPercentEachSecond = 2% ; get this % of max health every second
UpgradedPulseFX = FX_OverlordPropagandaTowerSubliminalPulse ;plays as often as DelayBetweenUpdates

To fix the line (which is stated above) change UpgradeRequired from whatever it is to Upgrade_ChinaSubliminalMessaging. This is only pre v1.2 as it was an undocumented change.

2. The King Raptor Laser Guided Missiles and Armor Bugs

Locate the King Raptor and find the following code

Conditions = None
Armor = AirplaneArmor
DamageFX = None

Underneath it add the following code

Armor = CountermeasuresAirplaneArmor
DamageFX = None

This states that when you upgrade with countermeasures it will get the countermeasures armor like it should. Now to fix the weapon.

Under Weapon AirF_RaptorJetLaserGuidedMissileWeapon change the PrimaryDamage to 156.0. That sets it to the correct 25% extra damage rate.

And that's it.

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