Basic WorldBuilder Tutorial

Tutorial for Generals Gen, Zero Hour ZH

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Created: Wednesday July 29, 2009 - 7:39
Updated: Wednesday July 29, 2009 - 7:42
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Summary: A basic tutorial on how to use the WorldBuilder that comes with Generals and ZH,
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So you want to learn how to use the world builder for CnC Generals? Good but first let me tell you it’s a hard program to use also the world builder is made for 1024 X 768 Res this was and still is a problem for mappers J

Ok lets go the first thing you do is open the builder if you don’t know where this is it’s In For XP >> [start/all programs/EA games/CnC generals/generals world builder]. For 95-ME >> [start/programs/EA games/CnC generals/generals world builder] and go to the far left button in the tool bar called new click here from here you can change the size of the map I suggest that you set your map to at least horz: 200 and vert 200 this is the size of the map
Also you can choose the height of the map from this window height of map is good to put at the max if you plan on putting a dam into the map because the water level is put into proper proportions.

Once you have got your map loaded you will need to familiarize your self with the windows that will appear the main window will show terrain terrain and more terrain
Then the key to it the entire thing is the smaller window it is your best friend you do practically every thing through here from here you take your first step you can ether make you terrain then put in the players starting point’s or vise versa.

>> To setup the terrain for your battle should be your first step

The first thing in making terrain that you’d want is to know how to raise and lower terrain this can be achieved with the buttons from the left of the tool bar the 10th button is used as a height tool this is similar to the raise tool but it will not cover water (I love this especially I use it to make cam to blow up “he he ha ha mwhaha”J) and it is good for making stream’s going down hill in like alpine environments.
The way to manipulate this tool is go over to the small window and select any of these command buttons:
>> Brush Size: Pretty straight forward the higher the slider the bigger the brush
>> Feather Size: This button is redundant to my knowledge except for making gentle slopes and so on
>> Height: Simple as each click the terrain will raise this much.

The buttons 11 and 12 are also self-explanatory

>> Texture
Whilst the easiest way of add texture is the flood fill button once selected it
will show up a list of available textures in the small window chose one that takes your fancy and flood the map then you can add little patches of different texture go across to the single tile fill or large tile fill buttons these work exactly the same as the flood fill button.
Once you lay down smaller pieces of terrain the corners will look sharp and dangerous but if you use the smear edge tool it blends the two textures together this is an exceptionally good tool for making Realistic scenery when making realistic scenery you can also make Hills and ridge’s and other such interesting things in the terrain Also you want to know how to place Buildings play locations And supplies.

>> Buildings
    Buildings you will have Admit bring a map together and give life to it
To place buildings go to the button in the tool bar called place object or some thing like that. And then go to the smaller window in it you’ll find every possible building in the game from here you can change the angle the building is facing and the height it is at. Also supplies can be added this way supply docks tech buildings and so on also go through here. At first the supply docks are empty but they fill up in at the start of the game.

>> Player locations
To create a player location. You must set down a way point Then in the small window select player location001 and so on player two equals player location002.

>> Setting up AI
Setting up AI is not covered in this tutorial.


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