Adding a New Faction

Tutorial for Generals Gen, Zero Hour ZH

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Created: Wednesday July 29, 2009 - 7:22
Updated: Wednesday July 29, 2009 - 7:23
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Summary: How to add a new faction into Generals or ZH.
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This tutorial will tell you how to add a new Faction into Command and Conquer: Generels.

You need:
A .big extractor (Finalbig)
A .csf Editor (csf Editor)
A text editor (Notepad)

The first thing you need to do to add a new faction, is to open up INI.big, and extract PlayerTemplate.ini. This ini file
goed into the map generalsroot/Data/INI/ (if these maps are not present, make them yourself)

Open up this ini file, and take a look inside. There is a note on the top telling you to add a new controlbar if you add a new side.
Thx EA, that may come in handy. Now look at the actuall code. As you can see, the 3 Generals factions, GLA, America, and China are represented, as well as a civilian and observer faction. Do NOT edit these two! China, America and GLA can be deleted, but don't be to hasty! Its best to keep them in until you have you new factions up and running.
Now, to create a new faction, copy any of the 3 Generals player factions, and change the different vallues. I don't think i need to explain what to edit, it speaks for itself. Just take a good look at Displayname! It reffers to INI:FactionAmerica (lets edit this to FactionEurope as an example!), if you have copied and pasted the American faction.
This string is located in a file called generals.csf. Extract this file out of English.big, and place it in generalsroot/Data/English Now open up this generals.csf with the proper editor. ( i used scf editor, its free and very clear)
Go look for the INI:FactionAmerica string. Take a look at its value. It says America, thats all. Insert a new string called INI:FactionEurope (this is an example of course!) and give it the following value: Europe.
Now, you are not done yet!

Go look for SIDE:America. This works the same as the previous string. Insert a new one, call it SIDE:Europe and give it the value Europe

Now, please note that the SIDE:*** string should have a short value, something like Europe will barely fit. The INI:Faction*** can have a much bigger value.
(in case of my mod: SIDE:GDI, with a value of GDI. INI:FactionGDI has a value of Global Defense Initiative). The SIDE string is used for the selection screen (not much space there). The INI:Faction string is used for the loading screen!

Save the .csf file. And open the Big extractor one more time. Extract ControlBarScheme.ini, and place it in the generalsroot/Data/INI/ map. Open this ini file, and take a look inside. You will find three different controlbar scheme's. Just copy the American one, and change the following values:

ControlBarScheme America8x6
ControlBarScheme Europe8x6


Side America
Side Europe

Not that the ControlBarScheme.ini is a very cool file where you can edit all the colors and stuff of the controlbars!

Save the file, and launch Generals! Congrats, you just added a new Faction, gave it the proper name and a new toolbar!


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