Enabling "Assault" mode for YR maps

Tutorial for Yuri's Revenge YR

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Created: Wednesday July 29, 2009 - 5:41
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Summary: How to enable the community-created Assault game mode for YR maps.
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Before following this tutorial you should have a basic idea of how to use trigger editior - events and actions

If not please follow the tutorials in FinalAlert 2 and also visit http://www.cncgames.com/maps_tutorials.shtml

Assault maps are specially designed maps which have the player(s) destroying or capturing a pre-placed object (or "flag") on the map which results in the complete destruction of that objects owner.

The basic logic of assault is that

- A object exisits on the map which is the "flag" for the player(s).
- This "flag" is attached to a specific player (A-H which ingame represents 1-8 player starting positions hence why YR is required to make use of this logic)
- This "flag" has another trigger attached to it which tells the engine, if this object is destroyed, kill Player A-H


Step 1: Making the Assault flag
- The flag can be any object on a map, it can be a structure or even a unit e.g. Einstein
- The flag however should have the following attributes (use Edit > Ini Editor if you intend not to have a special building/unit for assault)
Insignificant=no (otherwise it won't be counted as a target which has to be destroyed in a Short Game=yes/no scenario)
Warpable=no (since the logic relies on a object being destroyed and warping something is a special case)
CanC4=no (only applicable to structures obviously but prevents cheap kills)
- CanBeOccupied=no, MaxNumberOccupants=0, ShowOccupantPips=no, ClickRepairable=yes are high recommended for making civilian structures "flags" (infact the logic will fail if CanBeOccupied=yes)

Step 2: Making Triggers, Events Actions for Assault
This example will make a assault flag for player 1. Simply change the house to determine which player has what flag.
- Make a two triggers, one called Player A and another called Player A Lose
- In trigger Player A, the Event should be 8>Any Event, the Actions should be 14>Change House <Player @ A> and 53>Enable Trigger Player A Lose
- In trigger Player A Lose, ensure the tick box for Disabled is checked. The Event should be 48>Destroyed by anything and the Action should be 119>Destroy all of... <Player @ A>
- Go to Edit>Tag Editor and delete Player A Lose tag
- Go back to Trigger Editor Player A and changed Attached Trigger (same section as Name) to Player A Lose, also change the Type (modifies all attached Tags!) to 2 - Repeating, check Player A Lose is also Repeating
- Attach Player A trigger to the unit or structure of your choice (double click, attached tag, select from list)

Finally fire up your map, destroy the flag by force fire and your units and structures should blow up.

This basic tutorial can be modified to make a protect a critical structure survival map, to a kill the king/important unit map.

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