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Created: Wednesday July 29, 2009 - 5:07
Updated: Sunday October 11, 2009 - 8:15
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Summary: Miscellaneous tweaks that can be made to RA2 and YR.
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ExtraUnitLight=.2 ; Extra light to make units glow.
ExtraInfantryLight=.2 ; Extra light to make infantry glow.
ExtraAircraftLight=.2 ; Extra light to make aircraft glow.

This is what makes RA2/YR cartoony, the lighting makes units far too bright.
By reducing this to say .005 you get much darker colours which makes units look more "realisitic"

Arm = arming delay (def=0)

Concerns delay before an projectile is fire. Missiles have arm making them highly inaccurate and slow in bursts. Remove the Arm= from projectiles to get an "stream" effect with burst weapons and more accurate missiles but you may want to leave this alone for some balance issues.

ROT lower is less tracking i.e. hit inital location, banshee/cyborg commando weapon is an example higher ROT more tracking.


[DRAGON] ; IFV, Patriot, etc.
UseLineTrail=yes ; SJM
LineTrailColor=216,216,255 ; SJM
LineTrailColorDecrement=16 ; SJM

LineTrailColor= uses RGB values

LineTrailColor=255,0,0 to get red trailers.

make new projectiles for elite weapons which use images which have this linetrail colour to get that "elite" distinction effect.

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