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Created: Wednesday July 29, 2009 - 5:01
Updated: Sunday October 11, 2009 - 8:16
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Summary: How to work with the powerup crate effects.
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Armor=10,ARMOR,yes,1.5 ;Multipler to Strength
Firepower=10,FIREPOWR,yes,2.0 ;Multipler to Damage
HealBase=10,HEALALL,yes ;Heal everything to full health
Money=20,MONEY,yes,2000 ;$2000
Reveal=10,REVEAL,yes ;Reveal Entire Map
Speed=10,SPEED,yes,1.2 ;Multipler to Speed
Veteran=20,VETERAN,yes,1 ;Instant promotion one level
Unit=20,<none>,no ;Free Unit, note this should not be used on naval units because naval units cannot move on land, causes I.E. if possiblity is Destroyer [DEST] as CrateGoodie=no is omitted and by default is set to yes

Invulnerability=0,ARMOR,yes,1.0 ;Obsolete, RA1, invunerability
IonStorm=0,<none>,yes ;Obsolete, TS, generate random ion storm, was hacked into lightning storm
Gas=0,<none>,yes,100 ;Release tiberium gas, still working but u need to fix the graphics associated with the [Gas] warhead
Tiberium=0,<none>,no ;Create an small patch of ore
Pod=0,<none>,no ;Obsolete, TS, Drop Pod Superweapon
Cloak=0,CLOAK,yes ;Gives unit and surrounding units and structures cloakable=yes, cloaking speed defaults to highest i believe, e.g. very slow decloak, to recloak
Darkness=0,SHROUDX,yes ;Shrouds entire map, nulfies SpySat=yes effect
Explosion=0,<none>,yes,500 ;Uses [HE] warhead, last number denotes damage
ICBM=0,CHEMISLE,yes ;Free 1-shot nuke attack ability
Napalm=0,<none>,no,600 ;Uses one of the Fire warheads, last number donates damage
Squad=0,<none>,no ;Obsolete, use to provide infantry reinforcements. Gives sum of cash instead.

1. How to I enabled the unused (not obsolete) Powerups?

Simple replace the 0 with an number but note value of Powerups should equal 110 otherwise errors can occur e.g. if u make Gas=10 then take away 10 from an existing value.

2. When I collect an crate I get an corrupt animation playing?

The anims are in wrong palette or missing, convert them or find them on net, an good nuke anim is on RA2 Argentina. I would also advice adding an Report= sounds on your powers like the current ones.

3. What about the obsolete powerups any possible usage?

Yes try adding an animation so instead of <none> try GENDEATH to create an neutral brute or VIRUSD to see the animation of an person dying from an virus bullet. Animations can also have Damage= values or spawn other things, experiment with the ART tags.

4. Any other useful tags?

CrateBeneath= which can be set to 'true' or 'false' and should be used only on BuildingTypes - this determines whether or not a random powerup crate is dropped when the building is destroyed.

CrateBeneathIsMoney= which can be set to 'true' or 'false' and should be used only on BuildingTypes that have CrateBeneath=yes set - this makes sure that the crate which is dropped when the building is destroyed will only be a Money type.

CarriesCrate= which can be set to 'yes' or 'no' and should be used only on VehicleTypes - this determines whether or not a random powerup crate is dropped when the unit is destroyed

Note: Don't use CarriesCrate in multiplayer, infinite crate issues, (partially solved if Crates tag is turned off also CrateBeneath, CrateBeneathIsMoney doesn't work on civilian buildings, only on "side" owned buildings, i.e. attach it to say [GATECH] and when an allied battle lab is destroyed, you will find $2000 crate underneath

; General crate rules and controls are specified here.
CrateMaximum=255 ; crates can never exceed this quantity
CrateMinimum=1 ; crates are normally one per human player but never below this number
CrateRadius=3.0 ; radius (cells) for area effect crate powerup bonuses
CrateRegen=3 ; average minutes between random powerup crate regeneration
SilverCrate=HealBase ; solo play silver crate bonus
SoloCrateMoney=5000 ; money to give for money crate in solo play missions
UnitCrateType=none ; specifies specific unit type for unit type crate ['none' means pick randomly]
WoodCrate=Money ; solo play wood crate bonus
WaterCrate=Money    ; solo play water crate bonus
HealCrateSound=HealCrate    ; heal crate sound effect
WoodCrateImg=CRATE ; wood crate overlay image to use
CrateImg=CRATE ; normal crate overlay image to use
WaterCrateImg=WCRATE    ; Water crate image
FreeMCV=yes ; Give free MCV from crate if no buildings but still has money [multiplay only]?

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