Changing Maximum Queued Production

Tutorial for Firestorm FS, Red Alert 2 RA2, Tiberian Sun TS, Yuri's Revenge YR

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Created: Wednesday July 29, 2009 - 4:41
Updated: Thursday August 6, 2009 - 15:49
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Summary: Changing the maximum amount of queued objects in TS and RA2.
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The Maximum Queued Objects is the limit put on all units that make it so you can have units lined up to build at one after another without having to click the cameo again. In the unmodded version of Tiberian Sun the Maximum Queued Objects is set to 5. In this short and easy tutorial, you will learn how to change this to whatever number you deesire.

The Maximum Queued Ojects is controlled by the MaximumQueuedObjects=x tag in the rules.ini. Its under Bret's Hack Section near the end you will find MaximumQueuedObjects=4. Basically what this tells the Tiberian Sun executive to do is limit the Maximum Queued Objects to the object being built and 4 other queued objects.

Now lets try changing it a bit... change MaximumQueuedObjects=4 to MaximumQueuedObjects=14. Save your rules.ini and put it in your TS directory, when you play the game you should have 15 queued objects. You can change that number to fit your needs however you need to set it one less to the deesired number. (50 would be 49 and 100 would be 99) I recommend that you don't go over 100, because then things could get out of hand but its your mod so you make the choice.


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