Wind Of Desolation

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Created: Wednesday March 26, 2008 - 18:22
Updated: Saturday July 11, 2009 - 16:30
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Summary: Wind of Desolation is an extremely detailed 1 vs 1 map that won the OMC4 and is featured on KW.
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Wind of Desoliation is an extremely detailed 1 vs 1 map made by JBV3737. This map has won the Open Map Competition 4 by being the favourite map of 4 out of 5 judges. This map will also be featured on Kane's Wrath in the first patch of the game.

"Great tournament-style map. Absolutely recommend for inclusion in Kane's Wrath. Deceptively asymetrical -- it *looks* symmetric at first, but there are some big, and quite welcome, differences between the starting spots. The right player has a more easy-to-defend position, but less access to the spikes and the reinforcement bay, while the left player has a more open and less fortifiable position in exchange for easy access to the capturables. The reinforcement bay is extremely well-done with an eye to balance, with a starting delay as well as a random, small-scale donation to the cause. The AI is wonderfully aggressive in capturing the spikes and I had a great little back-and-forth capturing them back again. Could use more terrain variety (e.g., busted-up streets in the middle, instead of more dirt) and the ramps are sometimes a little hard to "read" versus the cliff heights, but you can't beat the balance. Should make for great tournament play, especially with the added twist of the Reinforcement Bay." -- HeXetic

"A highly atmospheric map, with nice fog in places. Fairly well-balanced and full of interest. Players start with blue tiberium so money isn't an issue and tiberium lasts long enough for large-scale battles for the middle. The detail is very good and is in all the right places (in fact I'd suspect this was made by a veteran TS mapper). The AI has no issues at all and plays smoothly and enjoyably. The reinforcement bay is a nice litle touch to round off the map and gives added depth." -- Clazzy

"This map is very nicely put together only suggestions are to move the Reinforcement pad closer to the center of the map to be more fair, other then that its well balanced, good design, pleasure to look at and is a damn challenging map which is the best kind of fun and the scripts worked well without having a drastic effect on gameplay which is good because you never want that to give a huge unfair advantage or disadvantage to one player. I really enjoyed this map a fantastic red zone map." -- Assassin

This version of the map was created for Tiberium Wars (not KW).

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