Limiting Stealth Detectors

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Created: Thursday October 25, 2007 - 8:50
Updated: Thursday October 25, 2007 - 9:09
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Summary: How to uncloack only units with/without a specific KindOf
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Many people hate the fact that stealth detector units reveal all cloacked units around them, no matter what type of unit they are.

For example, did you know that infantry can uncloak Vertigos flying over them? Thats not only stupid, it also makes Vertigos less usefull than they could be. :huh:

So heres a very easy way to fix it:

Simply edit you StealthDetector entry and include one (or both) of the following lines:


"ExtraForbiddenKindOf" means that your detector will never uncloack units with the specific KindOf.
ExtraForbiddenKindOf="MINE" would mean, that your units wont detect mines even if they are running through a minefield (hell, the mines could kill all of them and they wont detect the mines).

Now, lets take the example with the Nod Vertigo. Simply add ExtraForbiddenKindOf="AIRCRAFT" to your soldiers and they will never detect Vertigos, only ground units! (keep in mind that they also wont detect landed vertigos!) :p
You can also use more than one KindOf, ExtraForbiddenKindOf="MINE AIRCRAFT" means that they cant detect either of them.

ExtraRequiredKindOf works the same way, just with the opposite effect (will only detect units with the specific KindOf)

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