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Created: Thursday October 18, 2007 - 11:58
Updated: Saturday May 5, 2012 - 18:14
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Summary: An improved version of the built in mod building batch file.
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Features provided by CodeCat's new BuildMod.bat:
  • It can take the mod version and game version as second and third parameters. It assumes mod version 1.0 and game version 1.8 if nothing is specified.
  • It just tells you whenever you forget to enter a mod name by accident rather than trying to run the mod builder anyway.
  • It automatically compiles mod_l.xml so that mods will work in low detail.
  • If the build process fails for some reason due to a critical error, it now stops and lets you know it failed rather than carrying on like nothing happened.
  • It checks for a data/ini folder and copies it if found, so you no longer have to put your ini files straight in BuiltMods.
  • It writes .SkuDef files automatically.
  • It adds the mod version to the name of the .big file, making it easy to create 'incremented' mods.
  • It allows you to set/change the default search directories for XML assets, so that you no longer have to stuff everything together into a single Art/Audio folder.

This download links to a forum topic which supplies the code for the batch file, rather than the file itself, due to security reasons. To use this file, copy the code in the topic to a blank Notepad file, and ensure that it is saved as a .bat file, not a .txt file. Then put it in your Command & Conquer 3\MOD SDK directory.

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