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0 Mental Omega News Bulletin #12 (24/02/2015)

Posted by Speeder on February 24, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

There is much more to the development of the next Mental Omega than we can let you all in on for now. Not only are we working on fixing the issues reported in Mental Omega 3.0 and adding new units, new missions and cooperative maps for Act Two, but we're also looking forward to the return of the most needed feature for Mental Omega, which was unavailable so far for technical reasons. We're also awaiting full CnCNet 5 support for Yuri's Revenge in order to solve a lot of grievances with online play and make it work with our mod as well.

As with many big mod developments, everything relies on voluntary contributions from various people which require time. When all pieces are in place, all will be revealed and the balance of power will shift once more. When? Time will tell, sooner or later. Until then, you can help Yuri rise to power if you haven't already, or you can consider contributing to the mod to help speed up the release. 



Due to our current texture artist being unavailable, we are looking for someone experienced with UVW maps and texturing 3D models who can help with finishing the work on a set of new buildings within the aesthetic style of the game. We already have plenty of finished models to work with, be it in 3ds Max or Blender.

For more information write an e-mail to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com


We are also looking for additional Voice Actors for new units and missions as well as Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge Mission Scripters to help with the ambitious campaign project we are working on as a part of Mental Omega. Singular contributions are also welcome. Use the e-mail address listed above.


Map Preview #35: (2) Action Reaction (urban; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #36: (2) Artificial Ice (snow; standard map pool) by Speeder
Map Preview #37: (4) Morales' Sanctuary (new-urban; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #38: (4) Tournament Island (temperate; standard map pool) by Speeder

The goal to reach the magic number of 400 quality skirmish/multiplayer maps becomes more of a reality every day. Hell, it's bound to happen as we are counting at 372 maps right now, so it's going to be a jump of ~100 new maps compared to the previous release. The above are 4 latest additions to the standard map pool, two from me, two from Toveena.

"(2) Action Reaction" and "(2) Artificial Ice" are two unique duel maps designed to force the players to make the most of various terrain features, choke points and neutral tech buildings in order to gain the advantage over the opponent. Additional paths for amphibious units, bridges and water zones created by the breakers form a maze open to many twists and turns. "(2) Artificial Ice" follows the style of the maps "(2) Bay War" and "(6) Bay of Pigs" with a simple urban angular layout, only this one is covered in snow. The urban elements of this map are parts of the enhancement to the snow terrain.

"(4) Morales' Sanctuary" is an addition to the long-planned set of maps dedicated to heroes of Mental Omega. We already had "(4) Tanya's Training Grounds" from the vanilla Red Alert 2 and "(5) Rahn's Dungeon", now Morales joins the ranks of heroes with a unique map named after them. "(4) Morales' Sanctuary" is loosely based on a popular map from Kane's Wrath where fighting for the center is something you must consider in your war plans.

"(4) Tournament Island" is a remake of a well-known Command & Conquer map, where battles are fast-paced and short, navy deals a lot of pain and resources are limited. Be careful for amphibious and flying units when constructing defenses around your zone! The Artillery Bunkers will not protect you forever, but might become useful tools to taking control over the gems in the center.


Now, this is something we're working on although the firepower and presentation might vary in the final release. The chaos logic will be used for something different, so we want to give these cute little creatures a new, better purpose. What better purpose is there than blowing stuff up?



Oh hey, I used to play online too, some months ago. I don't as much anymore, at least until the next release, so if you see a Speeder on CnCNet4, you can be sure that is not me. ;)

UprisingJC & Speeder vs AdmiralPit & Ordos
on '(4) Heartland'


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1 Mental Omega News Bulletin #11 (16/02/2015)

Posted by Speeder on February 14, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

Great news for Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge modders! Ares 0.9 has been released! AlexB delivers more superweapon customization including better AI support, inhibitors, and multiple SWs on a single building or upgrade, more than 8 facings for SHP based units and weapon muzzle flashes, as well as animated rotating projectiles. So my only question is: why aren't you modding the game yet?

I do not recommend upgrading from Ares 0.4 to any newer version for Mental Omega 3.0 BR1, especially if you are planning to continue playing multiplayer. Some tags for the Ares features have changed in the meantime and of course using a different Ares version than other players online will result in a desynchronization. A new Ares version will be officially supported with the next release.


It seems a Mental Omega fan has started a TVTropes page for the mod and several more have already contributed. If you are familiar with the tropes, feel free to expand the article for others to read. I must say I am surprised at how accurate and spot-on the information is in all of the sections available so far, and that's including the YMMV one.


Now before you give the Mental Omega page a (long) read I suggest you take a look at what we've been working on recently.


So at the beginning of post-BR1 development I thought we wouldn't have too many new cooperative missions for the next release but Sandman is proving me wrong as he has prepared his third cooperative map so far and there are several others coming from other mission scripters. Perhaps I'll have a go at another coop myself in the near future. If there's anything you'd like to see in a cooperative mission be sure to leave us a comment!

Co-op Mission: Balance of Power

coop_bop1sm.jpg coop_bop2sm.jpg

The amount of Battleships under Allied control during the war with the Soviets was limited, but enhanced production of these powerful units has been started in order to dominate the Soviets in naval combat. Unfortunately, the Soviets managed to gain the upper hand and drive the Euro Alliance to the British Isles before the plan was fully realized.

Furthermore, the Soviets were able to capture one of the Allied ports where more Battleships were being produced and commandeered the local units. With Battleships supporting their Dreadnoughts, they might just be able to break through the Allied defenses surrounding the Great Britain. It's up to you and a fellow Allied commander to make sure those Battleships don't stay in Soviet hands.


 So as you might have noticed in the last news bulletin that there was a new structure on the '(2)' Steadfast' map preview and today's '(8) Icy Trinity'. That new building is the Tech Nuclear Plant created by Nooze, which provides 1000 power units on capture but explodes almost just as violently as the Soviet Nuclear Reactor. 



Map Preview #32: (2) Dune Patrol II (desert; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #33: (4) Double Patrol (desert; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #34: (8) Icy Trinity (snow; standard map pool) by Toveena

So Toveena kept insisting that '(2) Dune Patrol' is still possibly one of the most popular maps in Mental Omega 3.0 so he got the bright idea to adjust its "axis" by 90 degrees and also make a double version of it afterwards as well. '(2) Dune Patrol II' and '(4) Double Patrol' are both extensions of the well-executed idea from the vanilla game and we have high expectations for these maps to also become popular among players who strive to play Mental Omega in a more competitive manner.

Looking at the list of maps we have previewed, it appears that '(8) Icy Trinity' is actually the first new 8-player map we're showing. It is a large map with plenty of neutral tech structures and resources at locations tricky to hold and defend. As you can see, harvesters at any of the ore or gem fields are vulnerable to fire from the cliffs above so better be careful and make sure those cliffs are under your control. There's also several Tech Base Expansion Posts for players to fight for.


Here's a nice team game on one of the most popular maps in MO, '(4) Double Malice'.

UprisingJC & Ultra7 vs ShadowE & LibraPalm

on '(4) Double Malice'



If you'd like to help develop Mental Omega further, write an e-mail to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com
Right now we're in need of additional Voxel Artists, 3D Artists, Mission Scripters and Voice Actors.
Single contributions are welcome. 


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0 Mental Omega News Bulletin #10 (2/02/2015)

Posted by Speeder on February 2, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

There's been a lot of development in the shadows, the results of which we continue to reveal to you piece by piece. Defeated but not done for, the Allies continue to arm up!

There is a new late-game addition coming to all Allied subfactions - the Experimental Warpshop. This unique structure, of which you will only be ableto have one at a time, will provide you with additional support powers based on chronoshifting technology. These support powers will be revealed in a short video in the future. Additionally, it will grant the Allies access to the teleporting troops which form the Chrono Legion, a key piece to their plan for victory in Act Two. The expansion of chrono technology might just give the Allies the technological edge they need to break free from the London Fortress, their bastion and prison, and seek revenge on their enemies. The artwork for it was created by Nooze.

The Gun Turret has received a long overdue makeover, also by Nooze.

Allied Experimental Warpshop & new Gun Turret


We are improving the old cooperative missions and creating new ones as well to cover the side stories of the campaign. Unlike the single player campaign, there is no set amount of new cooperative missions we will be adding in the next release.

After receiving feedback on the experimental first set of 18 cooperative missions in the first release, we've decided to reduce the playtime of cooperative maps to approximately 30 minutes max because of the lack of save/load capabilities in multiplayer modes and potential disconnection issues. We will also define the objectives more clearly and give hints for both players in the next version. If you have any additional thoughts regarding the cooperative missions do let us know.

Co-op Mission: Downfall

coop_downfall1sm.jpg coop_downfall2sm.jpg

As the Soviet victory in Europe seems inevitable, it is up to two Allied commanders to delay their advance towards the English Channel. A defensive perimeter is set up in the northern France to prevent a significant enemy taskforce from reaching the shore.
While the downfall of France is just a matter of time, if the Soviets were to gather enough firepower in the English Channel, their attack on the Gladius System might succeed resulting in no protection against the MIDAS bombs and failure of Operation Sunlight. This co-op was created by Sandman.


Map Preview #29: (2) Steadfast (temperate; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #30: (4) Overcome (temperate; standard map pool) by Mevitar
Map Preview #31: (6) Perseverance (temperate; "Fortress" map pool) by Toveena

First, '(6) Perseverance' came to be, the first real 4vs2 'Fortress' map and it was grand and great. So grand and great, the island alone could have worked as an interesting 2-player map and so '(2) Steadfast' happened. The Mental Omega map pool grows every week, heading straight for the 400 map count. With the addition of Toveena's '(6) Perseverance' the unwritten rule I've had that 'Fortress' maps should always pit many players against one has been broken, adding more variety to the mode. More maps with different team setups might follow.

'(4) Overcome' is the first new map in a while from Mevitar and it is loosely based on a battlefield from one of his favourite RTS games that are not Command & Conquer. In Mental Omega it serves as a strict 2-on-2 map with many potential base expansion points which might be vital to your victory, considering the limited amount of resources available at the starting positions. The map has lots of choke points formed by the unique cliff formations and encourages creating strong defensive settlements.


Not familiar with Mental Omega multiplayer? Starting from this week I'll be spotlighting interesting matches from Mental Omega which have been recorded and uploaded on YouTube.

UprisingJC vs ShadowE on '(2) Dune Patrol'

See many more of UprisingJC's multiplayer matches on his YouTube channel.
You can also watch ShadowE play and commentate on Mental Omega 3.0 on his Twitch channel.


If you'd like to help develop Mental Omega further, write an e-mail to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com
Right now we're in need of additional Voxel Artists, 3D Artists, Mission Scripters and Voice Actors.
Single contributions are welcome. 


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0 Mental Omega News Bulletin #9 (19/01/2015)

Posted by Speeder on January 19, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

Welcome back, Proselytes. It is time to reveal the next weekly news bulletin to you.
The development of Act Two continues.


An unindentified object has entered the Earth's atmosphere. Its estimated destination has been determined by the Chinese navy who patrols the Pacific Ocean. Whatever it is, it's heading straight towards a location which turns out to be a PsiCorps fortress on the Exillian Island. The object is of utmost importance to Yuri's cause so the PsiCorps prepares for defense. The further direction of the Mental Omega War will be decided in.. 

Operation: Dance of Blood

mission_dob2sm.jpg mission_dob3sm.jpg

mission_dob4sm.jpg mission_dob5sm.jpg

By revisiting the iconic location from the Yuri's Revenge campaign, Operation: Dance of Blood gives us an opportunity to create an even more interesting reversal, in a very literal sense. The player is now controlling the PsiCorps forces who reside on the island, while the Soviet attackers strike from all sides and will establish bases at three locations which you could choose between in the original mission. The reversal does not end here, as instead of launching the space shuttle, PsiCorps will now try to land one. What exactly is the cargo Yuri is having sent from space? No one knows yet, but the Chinese might be the first to learn. Whatever it is, it will heavily weigh in on the outcome of this war.


Map Preview #25: (2) Flood (temperate; "Islands" map pool) by Speeder
Map Preview #26: (3) Unfair Advantage (new-urban; "Fortress" map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #27: (6) Loaded Dice (desert; "Islands" map pool) by Speeder
Map Preview #28: (6) Stronghold Prime (new-urban; "Fortress" map pool) by Toveena

It's a special modes map special! We have not forgotten about the additional game modes and we're continuously expanding their map pools with additional entries. New "Islands" mode map '(2) Flood' is the answer to a question nobody asked: what would happen if '(2) Drought' was filled with water? There would be water everywhere! Oh, and additional cliffed elevations would appear.. for no reason. Plus, of course, the players would escape from the lower area to the elevated one to avoid the flooding of their bases. Sticking to your starting location for the entirety of the match might not be the best idea considering the amount of valuable resources and other goods located on the smaller islands.

'(3) Unfair Advantage' is a remake of the Tiberium Wars map and a new addition to the Fortress game mode which has been revamped and all of the clones of standard maps have been replaced with new unique entries. Additionally, the amount of resources, defenses and freebie tech buildings given to the defender has been normalized in all of the maps in this mode, although with the rising amount of players the defenders might get additional special boons which vary from map to map.

'(6) Loaded Dice' is another new "Islands" map with a unique design that puts emphasis on defending the choke points in both water and land areas. The naval fights will take place out in the open, however the deciding factor will be the ability to break through a side's defenses. The possibilities to attack from the ground are limited, however you can be sure land units will be used to fight for the additional resources.

'(6) Stronghold Prime' is the ultimate "Fortress" map which pits 5 players against one poor defender who has to rely on a specific construction of his location and the bonuses he receives at the very beginning. With the initial upgrade to his defender, the defender might want to create more turrets than in any other "Fortress" maps and the possibility to place them on the concrete cliffs is another reason why he should do so.



If you'd like to help develop Mental Omega further, write an e-mail to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com
Right now we're in need of additional Voxel Artists, 3D Artists, Mission Scripters and Voice Actors.
Single contributions are welcome. 


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0 Mental Omega News Bulletin #7 (5/01/2015)

Posted by Speeder on January 4, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

Happy 2015! The end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 has seen a rise in the amount of players on the Mental Omega multiplayer servers. Have you been enjoying it?

All services available for the players have been provided by CnCNet, which is rapidly becoming the #1 choice for classic Command & Conquer multiplayer gaming. After the upgrade to CnCNet5, efficient online gameplay is available for Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert and Tiberian Sun with Yuri's Revenge support to come. When the time is right, Mental Omega will rely on CnCNet5 as well, providing you with more stable multiplayer, additional game customization options and more.


As of January 4th 21:20 (CET), CnCNet's player peak rose to 512, which is a very impressive number if you ask me. For more information on CnCNet and how to play the classic Command & Conquer games online, visit their new shiny website. You can also follow CnCNet on Facebook and Twitter. The first three C&C titles are available for free so the only thing stopping you from playing online is a few clicks.

In other news, we are looking for voice actors again! There'll be new units in the next release which will require new voice overs. If you are interested, send a voice demo to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com


Now, let's show you some things we've been working on recently.


At the end of Act One, the powers have shifted. The European Alliance has fortified itself in Great Britain, the Russians emerged victorious over their foes and control most of the continent, the Chinese struggle to hold power in the Far East and the army of the United States is but a shadow of its former self after the devastating attack on Chicago. The question remains: where's Yuri? He's still out there. He's preparing for.. 

Operation: No Dilemma


mission_nodilemma2sm.jpg mission_nodilemma3sm.jpg

 2 years after the Russian victory over the Chinese rebellion and fall of the Euro Alliance forces in the mainland continent, Yuri returns and reveals Russia's lies that kept everyone in check for so long. When the dust settles down, the enemies of Russia realize the king is no more and once again the world plunges into chaos.

The new 'No Dilemma' mission is loosely based on the original from Mental Omega 2.0, in which Yuri's forces reveal themselves to the world and conquer the city of Moscow. While the original did not include the part in which Shadow Tanks sabotage Moscow's power sources, this one will. We've remade the map of Moscow from scratch with the use of expanded snow terrain to resemble the capital city closer than the map from Red Alert 2. The Red Square is not just a tiny building, but a properly structured field that includes the GUM and Lenin's Mausoleum, the artwork for which was created by Nooze.

'No Dilemma' is chronologically the first mission of 'Act Two' and is the first of many events which will later be referred to as The Mental Omega War. Act Two will consist of 36 new missions.


Map Preview #19: (2) Frontier Duelists (urban; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #20: (6) Battlebase Hexis (snow; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #21: (6) Misery Malice (desert; standard map pool) by Toveena

Toveena once again proves his skills in Red Alert 2 skirmish map design and expands the Mental Omega map pool with these three additions. '(2) Frontier Duelists' is a simple but unique map which gives an opportunity for fast open gameplay while demanding control of important expansion points. Capturing the Base Expansion Post near the gems and placing your first Ore Refinery there might just be the move that will give you the advantage. The water breakers placed around the island limit movement of amphibious & hover units while making aircraft more important.

'(6) Battlebase Hexis' is another map which relies on the urban expansion of snow terrain and it's a remake of the Red Alert 3 Uprising map. While this one doesn't have the special futuristic features of the original, the layout was closely recreated to resemble it in detail with the snow urban cliffs. '(6) Misery Malice' is the expansion of the fan favorite 'Twisted Malice/Double Malice' maps, adding two players to the top. Each of the confronting players from the left and right side can fight for a unique healing structure.


Speaking of 'Operation: No Dilemma', here's how the original mission went in version 2.0 from 2005.


If you'd like to help develop Mental Omega further, write an e-mail to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com
Right now we're in need of additional Voxel Artists, 3D Artists, Mission Scripters and Voice Actors.
Single contributions are welcome. 


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3 Beyond the bounds (January 2015 update)

Posted by mevitar on January 2, 2015 in Doom Desire News

This update is a late update that was supposed to come in December, but i couldn't get done in time. This makes it the first update for 2015. This one comes with few new Paladin units.

Paladin Sudis and Paladin Fulgur
sml_201409_sud.png sml_201409_ful.png

Sudis: Regeneration thoughtform. Creates swarms of crystal shards, used both to defense and attack. It is able to regrow itself.
Fulgur: Thunderstorm thoughtform. It can generate large amounts of electricity and discharge it into the ground.

Paladin Ensis and Paladin Itineris
sml_201410_ens.png sml_201411_itin.png

Ensis: Orbital Frame thoughtform. It can attack both aerial and ground targets with its blade, through short-distance teleportation. It has also a secondary attack on deploy.
Itineris: Impact thoughtform. Creates a powerful shockwave that shatters anything in range.

Paladin Lupus

This hovering unit is protected by a barrier that greatly reduces any physical damage. Its endurance is boosted in a pack of 2 or more.

There's also a short background story available on ModDB.

Unfortunately, screenshots and text don't really tell much about how units work in practice. So, here's an ingame footage of few Paladins being discovered nearby a city, and what happens after (using, at least for the time being, OmegaBolt's temperate terrain, which is available here).

That's all for this year's first news update. Have a happy New Year!

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37 Contra 008 FINAL released!

Posted by predator_bg on December 26, 2014 in Contra News (eng)

Originally posted on ModDB by dcesarec on Dec 25th, 2014


Dear friends and fans... It has been a long ride since Contra 007 came out. Many years passed, many things happened, good and bad...

You all know that we changed team as we never expected we would. Many people are gone, busy with real life, our friends... Other bad things happened too, our precious was almost ripped off. We survived everything, gathered strength and continued our work. And yes, finally finished Contra 008 FINAL version.

We thank you all for your patience, sometimes it seemed we are not working. But we really had, learning new things, trying to find time for Contra and keep it alive.

Once again, I need to say thanks to these people who answered all my questions and helped us a lot. Track their mods and support them:


Before we get to the real thing, we will give you small gift, for your patience. New remodelled units.

Demolition angry mob:


And, new model for Assault general, Underground Command Post:


I need to remind you that Predator_BG (my dear friend and equal partner in this project), has made launcher for all of you who want English voices, and don't like our new voices. You will also have the option to choose new music or original, running game with or without shellmap.


For pure and total enjoyment of 008 FINAL, I recommend you to play with New unit voices, and New music. Speaking of music, we are saying thanks to:

ToneSlave who was a part of our team, but due to RL couldn't participate more. He made menu music, lobby music, and credit music. Also,

Charlie Lockwood who made awesome music for Enhanced mod, and gave us permission to use it. You will see how awesome music it is when you start playing.

One more thing, please understand that GLA does not refer to any country, no matter of language. PLEASE UNDESRSTAND THIS AND TRY TO ENJOY CONTRA!!!

And now, just a small guidance to all generals, some tips:


As known, most annoying general. Make plenty of defenses, hide, build superweapons and take your enemy piece by piece. Valanx and Thor are great supporting units for defending base, or to eliminate important enemy units and structures. Saturn is the slowest super unit in game, but most effective. Great armor, building options, and weapon that takes every target.


General who relies on air force. We reduced the need for micro, F18 units now don't waste missiles, they retarget on another enemy unit. If you have some skills, you will own the map. Comanche is now main unit, he can take both air and ground units, be invisible and search for hidden units. If you reach rank 5, with auroras and Wyvern, you can take everything down in a few seconds.


Slow, but powerful tanks. If you are not very skilled with micro, and just like pure force, then this is the general for you. His tanks can match any other tanks on the battlefield. Laser Thor is very powerful. Omega tank, as super unit, is artillery which is good against structures and tanks. Make sure to protect power structures.


It's all about heroes. His strategy is hit and run with small, weak but fast units at start. But at the end, you have many heroic units. He is the only general in game who uses multiple limited units like: Terminator, Cyborg Commando, Seraph, Nemesis and Cylons. Combine them all together and assimilate your enemy.


Most people will complain about lack of defenses, but why would you need defenses if you play as the most aggressive general in game!? Push forward with deadly units, or sneak from behind and simply erase half of the map with Hadron Collider. The most powerful super weapon in game is available at rank 3. But beware, "if you build it, they will come"!


Strongest infantry units in the game. Used for various atacks. You can either use them in Troop Crawlers or spread them on the battlefield in swarms. This general gets 3 types of artillery units with each major rank. His ambush powers can ensure you victory. Spawn Bunker, Barracks and drop airborne units in the enemy base, clone them... and destroy everything.


Everyone saying his super unit is from hell. Well, maybe he is considering its the strongest unit in game and can take any unit face to face. But to come to that, you will have to use well balanced tanks. Great general if you lack micro skills, and if you just started playing Contra.


Do you like playing with fire? Then this is the general for you. Burn everything up. He has special strategy with fuel trucks which are available at rank 1 from Command Center and they are stealth. Fuel truck can spill fuel which can be ignited by almost any flame unit. If you sneak up with them in the enemy base, or on group of enemy units, your enemy will be shocked with his units burning.


You gotta love this general. Pollute both ground and air, and watch all enemy units coming at you almost dead from all this acid, toxin and silicon clouds. Fully upgraded Qaraqurt as super unit is a bringer of death. If you face this general, prepare some medics...


When playing as Assault general, you don't have to use any particular strategy. You have good tanks, and great artillery units. But at rank 3, you have Tunnel ambush power. If your enemy forgets about that, you can send all your units in his base, and make him regret his lack of knowledge and attention. This general has the best parts of each GLA general. Obstacles are cheap but hard to destroy, they can stop all units from passing the terrain.


You can make everything stealth, any unit and structure. At rank 5 you can even blackout the map of your enemies. Question remains, how will your enemy fight something which he can't see??? Sneaky and deadly general. No one loves to play against him. Do you?


This general will be noticed for sure. Explosions everywhere, traps for any purposes and special demolition attacks. Strongest Elbrus Storm and mobile nuclear super units which literally erase half of the enemy base. Once you start spamming with this general, your enemy will regret playing against you.


And at the end, some installation instructions. Thanks to Contra launcher you can now have other mods in your Zero Hour folder. Extract all files from archive and folder "Contra008FINAL" to Zero Hour folder, start Contra Launcher and enjoy.

This version is mostly focused on online gaming. So please, join us on Tunngle. Challenge is finished, so you can enjoy brutal enemy too. Skirmish is working, but it's not polished to the end. Mostly known problem is that if you use Panic Attack as stealth general, it can cause crash, but it happens 1/5 times.


For even better experience, download GenTool.

Visit C&C:Online. It is a GameSpy emulating server for modern Command & Conquer games, adapted to work for all the Command & Conquer games affected by the GameSpy closure (Generals, Zero Hour, C&C 3, Kane's Wrath, Red Alert 3). You can still play your favourite C&C online like before, without the need of third-party software.

Release changelog

Until the next adventure (Aliens!??), we wish you Happy Holidays. Join us online and support Contra everywhere :)

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0 Merry Xmas from D-day

Posted by Mig Eater on December 25, 2014 in D-Day News

Christmas is a time for family & friends to join together and celebrate, D-day is no exception so all of the ground units peacefully posed together for a group screenshot. Some unreleased Polish, Chinese & Swedish units also joined in too, can you spot them? The tiny Goliath demo tank is also hiding among its bigger brothers :p


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5 Mental Omega News Bulletin #6 (15/12/2014)

Posted by Speeder on December 15, 2014 in Mental Omega APYR News

As the end of the year approaches, the download count for Mental Omega 3.0 closes in on the round number of 100,000. Seeing this much interest in our little project and having entered the TOP100 of ModDB's 2014 Mod of the Year for the 5th time in a row in this annual contest rekindles my interest in continuing it. While we didn't make the update many were waiting to happen this year, we haven't been slacking off and I hope the new content we've been working on and the improvements to what you already have will make up for it next year. There is a big thing coming along with long overdue fixes and I think you'll like it.

Big thanks to everyone who voted for us this year, the second round is still on-going so if you'd like to vote for us again, head to the voting page with the TOP100 mods.




Yuri is love, Yuri is life. Yuri restarts the Psychic Amplifier project and is keen on defeating the Allies hidden within the London Fortress without having his forces ever set foot on the British Islands. His device is capable of reaching the Euro Alliance forces from mainland Europe, however Yuri does not just pick a random location for the construction site. Yuri sends a message, Yuri defies all authority. He has constructed a device in Rome and takes the role of the Puppet Master.

Operation: Puppet Master


mission_puppetmaster2sm.jpg mission_puppetmaster3sm.jpg

However, there are others who want to try their hand at pulling the strings. In order to take out the device, a risky plan is put into action, perhaps the only way to prevent the Psychic Amplifier from completely taking control over your troops. What does it take to create a safe area within the Amplifier's zone of influence? Play 'Puppet Masters' and claim the mission's namesake as your title.



Map Preview #15: (2) Knockout (urban; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #16: (2) Battlebase Beta (urban; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #17: (2) Amazonas Zeta (temperate; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #18: (2) Freezing Field (snow; standard map pool) by Toveena

We like symmetry. We are the fans of symmetrical maps, which is probably something you have already noticed. With so many subfactions and different balance setups, if you added the factor of completely assymetrical maps, that would be quite a mess. Be it remakes, maps inspired by layouts we've liked, we want to give the players even chances when it comes to terrain design, especially on 2P maps.


It shouldn't be a surprise by now that Mental Omega 3.0 and its future developments are often made possible thanks to Ares Expansion DLL. The entire 'big thing' we're working on right now relies on its new features. Before we get to that however, there are other misc things Ares allows us to create.

The newest addition to the Euro Alliance arsenal is the Lightning Rod, which is accessible from the Shield Command. Placing this structure on the battlefield will temporarily grant you an emergency power boost using the natural energy of lightning (1000 power units, which decreases steadily as the Rod approaches the end of its lifespan). It will also boost the firepower of all Thors near the Rod itself.

There are several Ares features put to use here. Such as a support power which places a structure on the battlefield, done with UnitDelivery. Increasing a Thor's firepower and making it show a fancy red arrow is done with AttachEffect. To properly apply the effect to the units nearby, use of Custom Armor (the weapon affects Thor and Thor only) and Airburst enhancements (makes the effect always active via targeting of any unit on the battlefield, but the sub-weapon is the one which applies the effect to the Thors) was made. Since the Lightning Rod isn't supposed to stay alive forever, it shouldn't be possible to prolong its lifespan with Force Shield, which is where we use Force Shield modifier

Euro Alliance Lightning Rod support power (artwork by Nooze)

As you are probably aware of by now, the original Floating Disc has been downgraded in Mental Omega 3.0 a bit. Under its new name, the Invader, it is now a Tier 2 flying anti-infantry unit. It retains some of its sabotage capabilities  as it will still be able to drain money from Refineries or disable any defensive structure, even the unpowered ones. The original ability to shut down a player's entire power supply by attacking a single Power Plant felt like too much, which is why that particular ability has been removed. 

Invader using the draining ability

However, thanks to a new feature in Ares DLL, the customization of draining abilities for the Invader has been expanded. It is now possible to make this particular unit shut down power just from the Power Plant it is attacking with the Drain.Local tag. You can also customize the exact amount of power the unit will drain with Drain.Amount. More information as usual is in the documentation. In the next version of Mental Omega, the Invader will be able to shut down a single Power Plant. Watch out for those Nuclear Reactors! 


"Proselyte, intel acquired from the Kanegawa Industries Complex in Kagoshima contained the blueprints of several mechanical frames we have not seen before. We assumed they were prototypes, the only one which was successfully realized by the Pacific Front forces being the Tsurugi Powersuit.

However, a recent sighting by our Initiates has confirmed activity of a small division of bipedal walkers which resemble the design included in this captured material. We must be careful. Perhaps the Pacific Front is planning a rebellion, or maybe it's the Chinese who have found a way to complete one of Kanegawa Industries projects. We are unsure if these suits are manned or not, which may bring our psychic powers into question. We cannot allow this!"


Enjoyed "Contagion" from the Twisted Insurrection soundtrack? You might want to check out these two new tracks I've created for the next update of Aro's Tiberian Sun modification. After creating a subtle remix of "Act on Instinct" for the Allies in Mental Omega 3.0 I thought I'd have another go at the classic Frank Klepacki song and make a version suitable for TIn's eclectic electro soundtrack as well.


Act on Insanity


Do you know how to unlock the Cyborg Commando in Beta Revision 1 yet? 



If you'd like to help develop Mental Omega further, write an e-mail to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com
Right now we're in need of additional Voxel Artists, 3D Artists, Mission Scripters and Voice Actors.
Single contributions are welcome. 


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0 666 Follower Special Livestream

Posted by Hecthor Doomhammer on December 3, 2014 in C&C Guild News


In celebration of me reaching 666 followers last sunday I will be holding a very special stream this upcoming sunday december 7th 2014 at 14:00 GMT on my channel on Twitch
For the occasion, this stream will be 3 hours long of Rise of the Reds, then I'll take a little break for dinner and possibly at either 18:00 GMT or 19:00 GMT I will coninue streaming.... whatever comes to mind.

Also, during this day, I will be recording a special video, which will only be available on my Youtube channel, so if you haven't already, subscribe there
You'll be missing out if you don't, I promise you.

As what is so special, esides the longer stream, about the 666 follower special? I said I'd be revealing the ultimate evil, but Twitch now has a dress code, so I'm gonna have to come up with something else.
Just wait and see.

Countdown to the start of the event
Times worldwide

Hope to see you all then!

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