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0 Contra 009 work in progress - Update 2

Posted by on July 31, 2015 in Contra News (eng)

Originally posted on ModDB by dcesarec on Jul 31st, 2015


We are back...


Again, hi folks..!! This is a second update of the new Contra 009 version. As always, we are working on all segments, as much as we can. We are still lacking staff, so I'm hereby inviting anyone interested, but with some skills, at least basic ones, to join us.


I will show you some pics of changed things. As usual, let's start with USA.


- This is Mosquito drone for Cybernetic general. Mosquito drone is used as special power, and it replaces A10 Thunderbolt Strike. Mosquito drone appears as reinforcement unit, and kills enemy infantry units only. It appears in 3 levels, each level has a different number of drones (3, 5, 7). Mosquito is very useful if you fight vs. infantry general. Or you simply need some backup vs. suiciders, Black Lotus etc.



- Next one is Shark drone. As said before, USA Strategy Centers have unique weapons when you use Bombardment Battle Plan. SW has Ion Tower, Laser has Railgun weapon, and Cybernetic has Shark drone. This drone is very useful vs. ground units. But it can be taken down with any AA weapon.





- China also had some makeovers. As you probably saw, Zhu Rong got a new model (screenshot).



- China Tank general got new structure. It's Overlord Headquarters. This structure is very important to Tank general. It is available at rank 3. Limited to 1 at a time, costs much, consumes power and it is revealed on the map to enemy players. But, it gives 15% discount to all Overlord based units, repairs all Overlord based units all over the map (as long as it exists). It also grants upgrades for Tank general, such as Uranium Shells, and Nuclear Tank upgrade. Structure can be captured and used by other China generals.



- Some GLA improvements. This is new Scorpion model. All 3 salvage variants.



- And new Bomb Truck with his Bio Bomb and High-Explosive Bomb variations.



Don't think this is all what we have done, as I said before, there are plenty more of changes in game balance, upgrades, and even particles. We test the new version every day and try to bring as much polished version as possible. So, I won't list all changes, because they are subject to change while testing. Also, you saw new animals and stuff, which will also appear on official maps (here).


- I would like to point you to a Contra 008 FINAL tournament, register here: Contra 008 FINAL tournament


Good players from this tournament will be able to join us in our every day new version testing, playing with us, suggesting new things and much more.

As for the end, I think I can say that the next update will be public 009 Beta release. So enjoy what we have done so far, apply for the tournament, test your skills, meet new people and wait for the new release ;)

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1 Unsere Rettung (July 2015 update)

Posted by mevitar on July 28, 2015 in Doom Desire News

Time has come for a new Doom Desire update.

Paladin Imbris and Ultor
sml_201502_imb.png sml_201503_sad.png

There's a story a certain old guy may tell you, about cars you left to rust.

Essence Thanatos Gunship and GAIA Landship
sml_201503_tha.png sml_201506_gai.png

Thanatos: The Thanatos Gunship uses same propulsion system as all Essence aircrafts, based on electromagnetic acceleration of charged air and plasma. Its reactor allows the heavy aircraft to stay inair, still leaving enough extra power for its anti-tank laser.
GAIA: Old landship concept revived, it's a mobile fortress that's meant to allow Essence keep secure safespots everywhere they move. Armed with lasers, long range AA missile launchers, and a giant ion accelerator, it has all the firepower needed to move through hostile territories.

Vintarid Rha'tor Dream Master

Before a war, politicians use propaganda to prime civilian population for their plans, so they get their support. But who needs propaganda, if you can control people's dreams... If your own dreams fight against you, and make you more susceptible for hostile influence, how can you fight?

Lastly, in April, Essence scientists came to a very important, yet very horryfing question: how do you defeat time traveling, hyperdimensional aliens with guns and bullets anyway? The answer is... you don't.
So they decided to get some help, and summon Ancient Eldritch Abominations to fight the aliens for us!
Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fthagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nfah Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

Hmm... seems they summoned the wrong one...
That one didn't seem to be particularly willing to help either...

No biggie, though. As they say, if you can't get an Eldritch Abomination to help you...
just build yourself a giant war machine instead!

Essence Phanerunos (click to enlarge)

Until next time.

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5 Mental Omega Playthrough - Soviet 03, Yuri 03, Allies 04

Posted by on July 24, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

The Developer Playthrough for Mental Omega missions on Mental, stage three. As such, three new videos have been uploaded to our YouTube channel presenting the next missions of Act One.
We're 1/4th done.  


Not that many changes were done to Soviet Mission 03: Happy Birthday except for the standard 'making things easier on Easy & Normal' and additional reinforcements to make the mission go faster, especially in the base vs base stage. There are still many surprises waiting for Morales on Mental so keep watch and make sure he isn't ambushed by the enemy.

Yuri's Epsilon Mission 03: Scrapyard has been somewhat modified - there are less explosive barrels and traps in the oil fields which make the risk of blowing up all Oil Derricks too soon a smaller one, as you can even see in this video. The barrels around one of the Oil Derricks explode violently but don't destroy the Oil Derrick. Acquiring $10000 on Mental in a reasonable amount of time is still tricky.

Allied Mission 04: Heaven and Hell has been updated heavily. The most important change is a bugfix: the mission will now end properly once you eliminate the primary structures in the Soviet base after you're done with all other objectives. Tanya replaces the Navy SEALs and there's a Medic with Engineer joining her at the very beginning of the mission.

Placement of some obstacles has been modified to create a challenge for laser-powered Tanya, including Buratinos that you should probably not approach with her but take out with your Rocketeers. A safe passage through the enemy territory for the Rocketeers will be revealed by a Stormchild so that you don't have to guess where enemy anti-aircraft defenses are anymore.

Subscribe to out channel if you want to be notified about the new Playthrough uploads.


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0 Mental Omega Playthrough - Soviet 02, Yuri 02, Allies 03

Posted by on July 16, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

The Developer Playthrough for Mental Omega missions on Mental continues further. Three new videos have been uploaded to our YouTube channel presenting the next missions of Act One


The changes to Soviet Mission 02: Golden Gate include additional reinforcements in the form of Borillos filled with Pyro soldiers, in order to make the base sweeping phase of this mission faster. What's even more important is that in BR1 it was quite easy to "confuse the mission scripts" with the order of completing the objectives. All continuity errors should be fixed in the next release.

Yuri's Epsilon Mission 02: Accelerant gets the most changes on Easy and Normal difficulty, as it is one of the more difficult and micro-heavy missions in the Epsilon campaign, and it's just misson number 2! The Satellite Hack Center will be placed right next to the capturable Allied Barracks, there will be less surprises like SEALs blowing up bridges and you'll get less enemies to deal with.

Allied Mission 03: Road Trippin' gets the new repairable Concrete Bunkers, but also Borillos in the Latin Confederation's attack force. Since the attempt to make this mission rely on "Stormchildren supposed ability to take down enemy aircraft" turned out to be a problem, that part of the mission has been removed - Stormchildren no longer can fire at aircraft in this mission.

Subscribe to out channel if you want to be notified about the new Playthrough uploads.


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0 Mental Omega Playthrough - Soviet 01, Yuri 01, Allied 02

Posted by on July 13, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

The Developer Playthrough for Mental Omega missions on Mental continues. Three videos have been uploaded to our YouTube channel presenting the next missions of Act One. Once I am done with recording all 36 missions I will immediately start previewing the missions of Act Two as well.


The changes to Soviet Mission 01: Bleed Red include removing the possibility of capturing an Allied Barracks way before you receive control over the Soviet base. You will no longer have to send a unit back to the outpost to assume control and you will also receive additional reinforcements in the form of Rhino Tanks for the first objective, making the mission go faster on all difficulties.

Yuri's Epsilon Mission 01 Peacekeeper doesn't change much, however there is one important modification which will help you complete the mission on Mental. Capture two Tech Turrets near the Satellite Hack Center so that you can feel safer later in the mission where the Hack Center becomes a target of the Allied forces. Mind control as many Abramses as possible.

Allied Mission 02 Eagle Fly Free has a slightly updated layout as I was never satisfied with the cliff work on this map. They now look better as their shapes have been more randomized and there are less straight lines which never look good for natural cliffs. Misc adjustments were made to the amount and placement of units on the map, additional tips added on how to proceed to achieve the best results.

Not only MOre mission playthroughs will soon be posted on our YouTube channel but also videos which will reveal the Side 4 units, structures, support powers and superweapons, so why not subscribe?



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7 Mental Omega News Bulletin #18 - (8/07/2015) - Playthrough!

Posted by on July 8, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

First of all, gone is the (allegedly!) regular practice of posting news on MOndays, for the simple reason that I'll be posting news whenever there's something cool to show and there's a lot to come - new videos, the revealing of new units, new missions etc. For starters: a new semi-regular (to be reviewed in practice as usual with all the things I do here) feature to our website and our YouTube channel: a playthrough which shows the latest updates to the Act One missions.


The Mental Omega campaign is probably the most challenging campaign for Red Alert 2 ever created (not that there have been so many, right?), but the true challenge only shows up in the Mental difficulty. While for the next release we are indeed toning down the difficulty on Easy & Normal setting, the Mental setting stays unchanged. Are you good enough to beat its best times?

I will be adding a series of video playthroughs on Mental difficulty to our YouTube channel, starting with my personal favourite mission on which I've probably spent the most time on developing: Allied Mission 01: Red Dawn Rising. If you'd like to be notified about the newest videos on our channel, you should totally subscribe, as I'll be adding new videos about "Side 4" too in the future.
These playthroughs will be recorded using the latest versions of the Act One missions so you'll also get a sneak peek at the latest updates to them. As mentioned before - Easy will be easier.

The page which neatly lists all the missions and links to their video playthroughs will also feature the best times for all difficulties sometime in the future.

Speaking of campaigns & videos, I have also recently created and uploaded this short ad for Mental Omega. Care to share? The word of Yuri's campaign existence shall spread, Proselyte.

Since our marketing reach is rather limited, I can only count on our fans to spread the word about our mod to other Command & Conquer players. The Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge fanbase is huge, but only a portion of it is aware that we have created a campaign for Yuri, which was so lacking in the original game. Share & like the video so that others can join Yuri in his conquest for world domination.


Map Preview #46: (4) Yuri Is Not Easy (temperate; standard map pool) by Mevitar
Map Preview #47: (6) Yunru's Snowglass (snow; standard map pool) by Toveena

The special map pool dedicated to the Mental Omega heroes expands with a unique map for the Chinese heroine and fan favourite Yunru. '(6) Yunru's Snowglass', despite its unique layout, is not a 'Fortress' map. Toveena's original idea was to prepare a 3v3 team game map in which a pair of the players fights in the city with its unique layout. '(4) Yuri Is Not Easy' is quite self-explanatory, isn't it?


Work on a completely new side, more missions for Act Two, and new additions to the equipment roster of the vanilla sides takes quite a lot of time and resources. We're always looking for contributors who would like to join us in making this project even bigger. The addition of Side 4 with its own 12-mission campaign is the endgame goal for Mental Omega. We wouldn't like to repeat Westwood and add a side which does not have its own campaign.

>>> Mission Scripters - to help with the ambitious campaign project we are working on as a part of Mental Omega. If there are more of us, it'll be possible to finish it faster. I believe each mapper has their own style, which helps in improving the diversity of each mission.
>>> 3D Artists for Infantry - to help create new infantry units for the 4th side.
>>> Voxel Artists for Units - to help create additional tanks, aircraft & ships for all sides.
>>> 3D Artists for Buildings - experienced with UVW maps and texturing 3D models,to help with finishing the work on a set of new buildings for the new side within the aesthetic style of the game. We already have plenty of finished models to work with, be it in 3DS Max or Blender.

We are also looking for additional >>> Voice Actors who'd like to voice units for 4th side.

For more information write an e-mail to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com



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1 The technology of peace

Posted by Madin on July 1, 2015 in Tiberian History News

It is time for Nod to spread peace and love throughout the world!


Why must the world suffer under GDI tyranny? What can be done to stifle the greed of the alien visitors?

Apparently the dimensional rift once again has the answers!




The Nod missile silo is back, which spells trouble for both GDI and the Scrin!


Let us have a look at what a typical silo has in the way of ballistic missiles.



Catalyst missile



First off is the anti-Scrin missile, which has actually proved very useful in halting GDI tiberium harvesting efforts.

GDI claim that the reason they are so active when in comes to harvesting tiberium, is that they believe that it is the fastest way to rid the earth of the 'parasite'. What hypocritical nonsense!






Fortunately, now Nod commanders can rid GDI of their clear conflict of interest, and teach them not mess with the future of mankind!



Multi missile



Since GDI, foolishly, no longer have the Firestorm defence, it should now be much easier to remove large sections of the GDI menace via our improved cluster missile.






Use this indiscriminately to delete the GDI and Scrin presence from our planet!



Chemical missile



My favourite!

What better service can Nod provide for the world, then by future-proofing mankind for its upcoming tiberium future!

The chemical missile will saturate an area with wonderful concentrated tiberium, which will disperse in both liquid and gaseous, form.





GDI have labelled this a 'war-crime', it is them that are committing crimes against humanity, by deceitfully claiming that there is a future without tiberium, and by building their archaic 'blue-zones', where mentally deficient humans, cower from tiberium, while worshipping at the feet of their tyrannical GDI overlords.




Do not fear the future, when you see the green clouds approaching, do not run. No, stop and breath deeply, look has your skin melts away, if you are really fortunate, maybe you will mutate, and become something truly useful in our tiberium future.

And if you die?, be happy that in your final moment, you got a glimpse, feel, and taste of the future, a future that you were too weak to survive in.



Blue tiberium mix



The underground areas that hold the missiles are now considered the safest areas to hold Nods famous blue tiberium mix.

Has usual the blue mix is used in a variety of warheads, and greatly increases the destructive power of an commander that uses it.




From Nod to the world... peace and love!

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17 Mental Omega News Bulletin #17 (29/06/2015)

Posted by on June 29, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

It's happening. Mental Omega is finally expanding with the addition of a brand new side.


Finding out about Red Alert 2 having its expansion pack back in 2001 was a big deal for me. It was a time when access to the internet for me in my country was limited and the press wasn't all that keen on keeping up with the announcement so it wasn't until I checked price tags for various games in one of the PC gaming shops that I learned of Yuri's Revenge existence. By chance I had the opportunity to enter a well-equipped shop a few days after and I found a copy of it on the shelf.

When I put my hands on the Yuri's Revenge mission disc back then I realized I still had a day or two before I'd actually be able to install the game and play the thing since the shop wasn't at my hometown but in one of the bigger cities in the country. I spent some time carefully reading the manual included with the game, all translated in a weird way with some of the unit names localized in a hilarious way ("Czołg Rębajło"). Right after I was done reading I took a piece of paper and thought I'd come up with a faction of my own, inspired by the addition of Yuri's side to the game. You don't want to know what kind of a faction idea it was though. Well, maybe you do but I'm not telling, it was that silly.

This goes back further to when I was a Command & Conquer player. With the battle between GDI and Nod going on, I had the idea of introducing new sides with weird-sounding acronym-ish names like FIX or ZAP, the first having a tornado on a diamond as its logo, a grey/purple color scheme and air manipulation technology, while the second one's logo was WinAmp and was all about electricity and lightning, obviously. I had weird ideas as a kid but that was long before I even tried modding. Later on there was also a stage when I almost added Axis as a new side to Mental Omega 2.0.

Now, the 4th side is actually happening. My first idea for the game is taking shape.

Behind the #ControlMOre hashtag hides this new and large part of the project - a fully functional new side with its own subfactions, units, heroes and superweapons. Its own bases, airforce, navy, Engineers (surprise!), soundtrack and story. Your choice of arsenal grows from the 9 subfactions you are already familiar with to 12. While Mental Omega may not be the first to add a new side, it'll be done in a way you probably haven't seen before in Yuri's Revenge modding, for a simple reason - it will actually be done and released. For you.

The introduction of the new side will shine a different light on what you might have expected from Act Two so expect surprises in the campaign. I have seen that you are already trying to figure out the fourth faction's identity and origins, something that has already been hinted in Act One since the idea has always been there. Popular guesses so far have been: Aliens, Atlantis, "side from a different dimension", GDI/Nod, FutureTech beta, GDI or Nod. For some reason some of these always come up when there's discussion about adding potential new factions to Red Alert 2, I wonder why?

As we continue working on Mental Omega, we will reveal the features of Side 4 bit by bit.
Stay tuned for MOre MOnday News Bulletins and pre-release streams to follow.

If you want to post your ideas or share what you'd like to see for side 4, you can do it in this thread.


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2 C&C Generals Zero hour Mod Spotlight Streams

Posted by Hecthor Doomhammer on June 18, 2015 in C&C Guild News


Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Hecthor Doomhammer.

After having streamed and played Rise of the Reds for a little over a year, I decided to delve into the core and go back to the beginning and thus I played, for the first time ever, the campaigns of Command & Conquer: Generals and its expansion: Zero Hour.

I also want to familiarize myself a little more in the world of Gen / ZH mods and since I am primarily a livestreamer, I came up with the idea of streaming some gameplay of me playing a few different mods for C&C Generals and Zero Hour and give my, unbiased, first impression on them

As shown in the video below I have thus far confirmed 4 mods:
CNC Holland
Generals: Crazy Mod
C&C Untitled
Generals: Contra

The video itself explains pretty much everything except the date I am starting, but that all depends on a few yet unknown factors, so for that I do ask you all to keep your eyes on my Facebook Page where I will make all announcements, every single day on what exactly will be happening on my channel on Twitch

And before any one starts naming suggestions, I do suggest you watch THE ENTIRE VIDEO ALL THE WAY TO THE END
Enjoy and hopefully see you then!

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13 Mental Omega News Bulletin #16 (15/06/2015)

Posted by on June 14, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

Volume 5 of the Twisted Insurrection Soundtrack grows larger with the latest additions from various artists. I've recently finished work on my newest track called "Nod Thrash". It is a heavy-stomper which I think works well when you are sending your troops into battle against the GDI dogs. More (hopefully) to come! This marks my 5th creation for Twisted Insurrection, if you'd like to listen to the rest you should check this playlist out.


What's this? The Russians and the Chinese are setting their differences aside?

Operation: Juggernaut


The Russian and Chinese leaders sit down at the table to discuss their plans for the world. Once enemies, now side by side, intend to stop Yuri's invasion at all costs. What will the end result be? You'll have to wait and see how the negotiations end, however the wait but not go as uninterrupted as you'd think.. Make sure your outpost is operational and ready for combat when the time comes.

mission_juggernaut2sm.jpg mission_juggernaut3sm.jpg

mission_juggernaut4sm.jpg mission_juggernaut5sm.jpg

Operation: Juggernaut is yet another display of Sandman's advanced skills in creating highly detailed environments in Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge and complicated scripts which result in interesting missions with many surprises for the player. Take a look at the pictures above and see how pretty Singapore looks in Mental Omega. Yeah, yeah, Singapore by Red Alert 2 "city accuracy standards".


We revealed the Epsilon Aerodome some time ago, now it's time to reveal the first aircraft to go with it. After some thought, I've decided to give the Epsilon a "series" of aircraft, much like Orca was the primary "brand" of the GDI aircraft in the classic Command & Conquer games from the Tiberian saga. With the already existing Dybbuk-Interceptor deployed from the PsiCorps' Gehenna Platform, now comes the Dybbuk-Attacker which is the Epsilon anti-armor attack jet. Compared to the standard Allied and Soviet jets, this one comes with an interesting gimmick that might just place it above the rest - it has infinite ammo - the ARO projectile.


There will be at least one more aircraft in the "Dybbuk" series to appear in the future.

A bit short today, since I have to script Operation: Meltdown and start preparing for the grand reveal of.. something. See you next time when things become.. grand.



If you'd like to help develop Mental Omega further, write an e-mail to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com
Right now we're in need of additional Voxel Artists, 3D Artists, Mission Scripters and Voice Actors.
Single contributions are welcome. 


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