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0 Mental Omega Playthrough - The Infamous 11th Missions

Posted by on October 4, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

After a short but neccessary break we're now done with updating and recording the playthroughs of the infamous 11th missions of Mental Omega on Mental difficulty! We're going to put Yuri's 11th mission on front this time as it is the most modified, or rather, improved & fixed one. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive notifications on the latest playthrough uploads.


Yuri's Epsilon Mission 11: Singularity is definitely the most difficult Mental Omega mission and in my opinion probably the trickiest Command & Conquer mission available and I've played almost all of them (fan-made maps included of course). Coming from one of the best Red Alert 2 mission designers lovalmidas this mission requires really good micro skills but also great reflexes and is a mission unlike any other. The changes include fixes like removal of the 2nd debug Malver which we forgot to delete and also removal of the "cheap shortcut" to the Iron Curtain which allowed players to finish the mission much faster than indended. Now you really need to get rid of all the targets and also evacuate your troops into a newly created area.

I think Allied Mission 11: Panic Cycle is the easiest of "the 11s", however its first iterations were really difficult with Soviet Scud Launchers trying to take out the Battle Fortress you're supposed to escort on the move and large waves of enemy units coming straight at you during the base-vsbase phase. There've been some changes that you might notice in this playthrough, including China's use of EMP against your convoy for example.

On the other hand, while this might be the 2nd most difficult Mental Omega mission, Soviet Mission 11: Unshakeable has been made easier on all difficulties and its bugs have been fixed as well in the process. The Future Tanks will no longer fire at each other when you attempt to capture them and modifications to the array of capturable buildings in this mission will force you to use Chinese equipment instead of Russian or Pacific Front's. You still need to rush quite fast through enemy forces and reach your objective before it gets blown up and you fail the mission.

Once we're done with Act One and the 12th missions are updated, recorded & uploaded we'll begin revealing new content related to the still mysterious Side 4 and the Act Two campaign. Stay tuned!



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2 Contra 009 work in progress - Update 3

Posted by on September 22, 2015 in Contra News (eng)

Originally posted on ModDB by dcesarec on Sep 20th, 2015

Hi people!!!
We are still making gameplay changes every day in order to balance the game. Fixing bugs, and inserting new stuff.
This time most changes got Infantry general. Introducing "Patria Family" vehicles, which will replace existing troop crawlers, Feng Yong artillery and ECM tank.
First one is machine gun troop crawler
Available at rank 1, armed with machinegun, which is effective vs. infantry and air units. Replaces gatling troop crawler. Has 4 sitplaces for your soldiers.
Anti tank troop crawler
Armed with light anti tank turret, available at rank 1. Has 3 sitplaces (4th goes for turret operator)
Artillery troop crawler
Replaces old artillery. Available at rank 1. Has 3 sitplaces.
Propaganda troop crawler.
Available at rank 3. Heals forces and gives firepower bonus. As the previous propaganda TC, has 8 sitplaces.
ECM troop crawler
Replaces old ECM tank. Deviates missiles, turns off vehicles. Has 4 sitplaces and available at rank 3. Great addition to your forces.
Grenade troop crawler
Best troop crawler version. Available at rank 3. Armed with grenade launcher, effective vs. all ground targets. Has 4 sitplaces.
All troop crawlers can be upgraded at rank 3 with special "Advanced Engineering" upgrade. This upgrade gives all troop crawlers additional health, and allows them to move over water. But due to all the weight, they lose their speed. So you will have to decide if you want the upgrade or not, depending on situation.
Some other small visual changes are with flame general. Immolator tank got new "Dragon Tail" turret. This turret shoots Lava shells, which are effective vs. everything. But mostly used vs. tanks.
And last one goes to Cybernetic general. Commando unit got a new model.
Predator is working with AI lately, and also he is improving and adding new stuff to challenge maps. Many animals were inserted in maps, and maps are looking better with each change.
At the end, I need to say thanks to TheHunter649 , he is giving me some advices with new things I encounter (about coding), and sharing codes with me.
So, 'till the next update ;)

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5 Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge Stream

Posted by on September 17, 2015 in C&C Guild News

On September 18 2015 I want to take the day to celebrate my 1 year of not just streaming mods, by revisiting the very first normal game I streamed on my Twitch channel: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge.
This time, I will be playing them both on the HARD difficulty, which I've honestly never done before, nor will I give myself any practice before the stream.
I will be trying to go through both games on this day. Should I not be able to, then I will continue the next day.
I will be starting as early as I can (after breakfast/lunch and coffee) around 10:00 GMT and the stream will be on my channel on Twitch 
Hope to see you all then!

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5 Additional voice actors needed!

Posted by on September 15, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

It's that time of Mental Omega development again! With the addition of an entire new side comes quite a lot of new units, which will require new voiceovers. While we've prepared some already, we're looking for more volunteers who'd like to become a unit in our mod. If you're interested, please send a voice demo to our e-mail address and if it's good, we'll reply and provide you with the script.


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2 Mental Omega Playthrough - The 8s & The 9s

Posted by on September 6, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

These missions were quick'n'nice so we're heading towards the end quite fast. The two remaining '8th missions' and all of the '9th missions' have been tested, recorded and uploaded as a part of my Developer Playthrough for Mental Omega missions on Mental. With Act One 3/4 done, three batches are left: the 10th, 11th and 12th missions and oh boy, I can't wait do to the elevens. As you probably already know - the elevens are the most difficult missions of Act One. Perhaps we should somehow make the 22nd missions the most difficult ones of Act Two?

In any case, here's what's been changed in these missions..


Considering the story structure of Soviet Act One, I consider Soviet Mission 08: Death From Above to be their final base-vs-base battle against the Allied forces. It is a reverse-remake of the Red Alert 2 mission "Deep Sea" and unlike the original, you can't end it in 2 minutes by destroying a Sentry Gun. Quite the contrary - it is a tough defensive mission first and then a struggle to reach and destroy the Mercury Uplink which the Soviets see as a threat to their dominion in the United States. Some changes have been done, including the replacement of Wolfhounds with Vultures and few little edits to make things a bit easier and faster. It is still a very difficult mission, especially on Mental.

Yuri's Epsilon Mission 08: Warranty Void is where Yuri's trickery in China continues. The plot thickens as his grand scheme is taking shape and showing the first results. There haven't been many changes done to this mission, it is still quite easy and quick if you know what to do or how to micro-manage your units properly. Once you defend the bridge, all you need to do is.. be careful. 

Allied Mission 09: Zero Signal requires you to act quick. The Soviets will use their forces to destroy the Radar Domes you need but they are also preparing a Tactical Nuke to do so. If the Nuke is launched, one of the domes WILL be destroyed and you are guaranteed to lose the mission, which is why you need to take care of it or at least delay the launch before it happens. Siegfried debuts in this mission and I'm sure you'll agree he makes this mission a lot easier. There are several paths to your objective in this one, I've only picked one of them of course.

The desperate Euro Alliance forces are trying to use their unstable Chronosphere to take out your MIDAS bombs in Soviet Mission 09: Road to Nowhere. It is indeed a road to nowhere for them, as all men sent into the center of Russia are definitely aware they will not return home, even if they succeed. Of course they don't, because you as the player are defending the Topol-M platforms. Don't be surprised by the Aircraft Carriers chronoshifted into the land as the Chronosphere is not fully operational yet - make use of its weakness and capture the Aircraft Carriers with your mind control.

Rashidi has completed work on an MCV for Yuri, however during a Soviet raid on the Scorpion Cell base where he was working he's been captured and transported away to the Guantanamo Bay. It is your task in Yuri's Epsilon Mission 09: Killing Fields to rescue him using the first squad of Initiates created. The long intro in this mission has been shortened as you can see in the playthrough video, making any "restarts" you'll need to make faster. Tesla Trooper reinforcements will be provided on all difficulties now so that you don't have to make the Initiates elite and kite the Pillboxes in your way.

The batch with "The Gardener", "The Lunatic" and "Focus Shift" is coming up in a few days. After I'm done with the playthrough of Act One it's time to move on to the new stuff with previews of the 13th missions - "The Mermaid", "The Raven" and "The Conqueror" included and of course, the reveal of Side 4 name and units. Stay tuned!

Subscribe to out channel if you want to be notified about the new Playthrough uploads.



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1 Mental Omega Playthrough - Soviet 07, Yuri 07, Allied 08

Posted by on September 3, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

The next three missions have been tested and recorded - the Developer Playthrough for Mental Omega missions on Mental goes on and things are starting to get tricky.


In Soviet Mission 07: Idle Gossip is a difficult mission to speedrun, because it requires you to destroy both of Radio Towers at once, otherwise you will be overrun by the enemy forces. You need to construct just enough Scud Launchers, Pyros, Tesla Troopers & Wolfhounds and make good use of the several Saboteurs you'll receive to win it fast, otherwise it'll take a while. In the next version it will no longer be possible to freely train spies in the campaign - you'll have to make the best use of the limited amounts of spies provided to you via reinforcements.

Yuri's Epsilon Mission 07: Think Different proves that in the world of MCVs and Engineers, the best solution is always the easiest - sneak up the enemy ConYard and capture it before he can build a full base - the conflict will soon be over! This is the only mission in which you can use the Chinese arsenal from the very beginning in Act One so better make good use of it. There are several methods of completing this mission, this one involves lots and lots of Nuwas.

Allied Mission 08: Wrong Side is the first mission created for Mental Omega 3.0 and I know it all too well by now. The map is not big, however it has many tricky spots and paths that lead to your targets and you have to use your forces carefully as the amount of reinforcements is highly limited. Beware of the Desolators and make sure you don't accidentally go for the Tesla Coils with your Navy SEALs at the beginning!
Subscribe to out channel if you want to be notified about the new Playthrough uploads.



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1 Mental Omega Playthrough - Soviet 06, Yuri 06, Allied 07

Posted by on August 27, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

The next three missions have been tested and recorded - the Developer Playthrough for Mental Omega missions on Mental goes on. Here's the next 3 missions with their latest updates.



In Soviet Mission 06: Recharger the two heroes of Russia - Volkov & Chitzkoi - are brought into battle once more after their recent resurrection (which will be addressed in a new mission in the next release by the way) and are sent to Paris to take down the unexpecting French HQ of Euro Alliance while their forces rally on the German border. It's a tough run on Mental but you do like challenge, yes?


Yuri's Epsilon Mission 06: Landlocked is undoubtedly the shortest mission in Mental Omega if you do right. Can you speedrun it below 3 minutes? I think I've just set a new record. Remember - it's all about the backdoor. Speaking of 'Landlocked' - do you know which original Command & Conquer mission we based this one on?


Allied Mission 07: Hammer to Fall is the first of the really tough missions in Mental Omega, especially when played on Mental. However, as the unwritten rule says - missions can only become easier as we develop the mod further and so did this one. Tanya has less problems engaging enemy Desolators now and the patrols which are sent to eliminate your taskforce periodically only has one of them. It's definitely possible to complete this mission faster than I have in this playthrough though. Even I make mistakes sometimes.

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0 We're looking for an infantry artist!

Posted by on August 20, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

Greetings to you all! As you might be already aware, some time ago we've announced development of Side 4 for our mod for Yuri's Revenge, Mental Omega: Almost Perfect Yuri's Revenge.

While we are doing very well to complete our goal of creating a huge 72-mission campaign and designing new vehicles, aircraft & buildings for this new side plus some additional new features for the vanilla sides, we are looking for someone who'd be able to help us make new infantry units. ImP_RuLz has been working them for 3.0 Beta Revision 1 but nowadays he is MiA. 


We'll probably only need a few infantry units done in the nearest future, so single contributions are also welcome. If you are working on some Red Alert 2 / Tiberian Sun modding project, we could try and help you with it in some way in exchange.
You'll also receive access to the currently ongoing internal beta version of Mental Omega.
Please PM me or write to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com if you're interested.

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10 Mental Omega Playthrough - Soviet 04, Yuri 04, Allied 05

Posted by on August 15, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

The Developer Playthrough for Mental Omega missions on Mental goes on. Three new videos have been uploaded to our YouTube channel presenting the updated missions of Act One. One of them includes the reveal of a new infantry unit for the United States.



In Soviet Mission 04: Side Effect the Russians see the unexpected consequences of their actions as the Pacific Front army attempts to make a landing in their homeland. A game-breaking bug which made completion of the mission impossible has been fixed for the next release.

Yuri's Epsilon Mission 04: Shipwrecked is a twisted scenario in which Yuri uses the magic skills of an Engineer to steal the Allied technology and use it against them in order to sink the American Aircraft Carriers and weaken Allied strength in the sea. It's an unique Allies vs Allies battle you won't see that often in the campaign.


In the updated version of Allied Mission 05: Bad Apple the player acquires access to the new infantry unit which is unique to the United States. The Riot Trooper is a heavily armed soldier with a long-range hi-tech grenade weapon which allows him to clear enemy garrisons while keeping the buildings intact. This logic, which debuted in Command & Conquer Generals, is now also possible in Mental Omega thanks to Ares Expansion DLL.

Subscribe to out channel if you want to be notified about the new Playthrough uploads.


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3 Tiberian History: Release 7

Posted by on August 11, 2015 in Tiberian History News

Tiberian History: Release 7 is here!




New additions:


F-18 Hornet TD: Delivers useful support powers!
A-10 TD: Delivers the Napalm strike!
Grenade Soldier Ren: Boost the effectiveness of your Grenadier squads!
Officer Ren: Boost the effectiveness of your Minigunner squads!
Warhawk TD: A very powerful multi-role aircraft (replaces Firehawk)





Artillery TS: An immense long range artillery piece!
YF-22 TD: Delivers the Mine drop support power!
Power Plant TS: Vital for your base operation! (replaces Tiberium wars Power Plant)
Missile Silo TS: Launches deadly ballistic missiles! (replaces Tiberium Chemical Plant)






A pleasant mix of Tiberian Dawn, Renegade and Tiberian Sun tunes, including some pulsating action track mixes!


Known issues:

  • Same EA code bug, were anything which tints an object, will tint everything near the object.
  • The GDI Jackhammer sometimes has animation issues due to the way it was coded, this does not effect the weapons performance.


Please note that previous versions are not required. There is no need for you to remove existing versions.

  1. Make sure that C&C3; is updated to version 1.9!
  2. Unpack the file.
  3. Inside the file will be a 'readme' file and a folder named 'TiberianHistory'.
  4. Cut and paste the 'TiberianHistory' folder into your 'Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods' folder, which should be in the 'My documents' section of your computer (typically 'C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Mods').
  5. If you get an overwrite* warning click 'yes'.

These instructions assume that you have a Windows XP PC with administrator rights. Ask the community for help with other set-ups.

*This new version does not overwrite the previous C&C history mod file, due to it having a different file name (so you can play the old version if you prefer it!)


For in depth addition analysis and hints, visit the official Tiberian History Hints and Tips page: http://forums.revora...313-hints-tips/

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