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0 Japanese Anti-Aircraft Guns.

Posted by Mig Eater on October 18, 2014 in D-Day News

Following on from the last news post here are the Japanese Anti-Air defences, which range from one of the smallest to the biggest AA gun ever used.

To see more information and photos of these guns click on the images to go to their Wiki pages.

Type 96 25mm
In 1935 the Japanese were looking for a new light naval anti-aircraft weapon to replace their Vickers 40mm guns. A group of officers & engineers traveled to France to inspect the 25mm Hotchkiss design, several were bought back to Japan & tested at Yokosuka Navy Yard as the Type 94/95. Soon after a license was agreed & mass production started in Japan as the Type 96. It became the standard Japanese light anti-aircraft weapon with nearly 33,000 built by the end of the war.

Type 99 88mm
Following the battle of Nanking in December 1937 the Japanese captured several German 88mm SK c/30 anti-Air guns that had been bought by the Chinese Kuomintang army. After examining them they realized that they were superior to their own anti-Air guns so work stared on reverse engineering the design & in 1939 a copy of it was put into production as the Type 99. Because of their superiority most were kept on the Japanese home islands to defend vital areas against the Allied air raids.

Type 5 150mm
The Type 5 15cm is the largest anti-aircraft gun ever deployed in combat. Developed from the earlier Type 3 12cm which was designed specifically to counter the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, however it was soon found that the B-29 could fly even higher then the Type 3's effective range so an even bigger gun was needed. Development proceeded quickly & a prototype was soon ready but with Japan's infrastructure destroyed & limited resources only two were built before the end of the war. The two guns were deployed to Kugayama in the outskirts of Tokyo, in their first engagement on 1 August 1945 they successfully shot down two B-29s. Seeing the threat from these new weapons the USAF avoided flying near Kugayama for the rest of the war, so even though they were only used once they still defended Tokyo as an effective deterrence.

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0 Mental Omega #ControlMOre

Posted by Speeder on October 16, 2014 in Mental Omega APYR News

We're alive. We're designing. We want you to #ControlMOre. Here's a teaser of what's to come.

Follow our YouTube channel to be notified about upcoming intel updates.

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0 Japanese Anti-Tank guns

Posted by Mig Eater on September 23, 2014 in D-Day News

Today's news post focuses on Japanese Anti-Tank defences, which range from the inadequate, the opportunistic and the mighty.   

To see more information and photos of these guns click on the images to go to their Wiki pages.

Type 1 47mm

Work on Japan's first indigenous anti-tank gun design started in 1937 with several experimental prototypes built, none were put into production though because of inadequate performance. Following the defeat of Japanese forces to the Soviets During the Nomonhan Incident in 1939 interest in a new anti-tank gun resurfaced. Work on the design continued over the next few years and was finally completed in 1941 and standardised as the Type 1 47mm, production started in 1942 and it was deployed into service during 1943. By then the Allies had introduced newer tank designs witch the Type 1 was unable to effectively defeat, however with no other anti-tank guns available it continued to be used until the end of the war.

Available Pre & Early war.

Type 90 75mm

Designed in 1930 the Type 90 75mm was a field gun based on a French Schneider cannon, the design was an effective weapon but expensive and very complex to build and maintain. It was originally designed as a field gun/light artillery but during the later stages of the war the Type 90 was also successfully used as an anti-tank gun, being one of the few weapons that could effectively defeat the newer Allied tanks. In light of this the weapon was modified and used in the Ho-Ni and Chi-Nu tanks.

Available Mid & Late war.

Type 5 105mm

The Type 5 was an experimental anti-tank gun developed in 1945 during the closing stages of WW2, the Japanese had planned to use this weapon in the Type 5 Ho-Ri tank destroyer but the war ended before a prototype of the Ho-Ri was built.

Available Post war.

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8 Autumn Update

Posted by predator_bg on September 1, 2014 in Contra News (eng)

Welcome back to Contra. It's been a long time. Some people thought we are dead, others thought we are having a super nice vacation. Unfortunately, we were not on a vacation, but fortunately we are alive. That's enough about us. You came here to hear about Contra, right?

First, we'll start off with some new models. Dcesarec presents you the new US drones pack.
From left to right: Zodiac Drone, Stinger Drone, Battle Mechanic, Jet Sniper Drone, Scout Drone and Hellfire Drone.


Second, we have fixed Observer interface. Coordinates now properly match the new interface, which was introduced in 008 beta. Generals' icons are now displayed instead of vanilla faction icons.


The general's portrait can be seen when a player is selected.


Third, we have a new launcher for Contra. Contra now works in conjunction with other mods. But that's not all. You can switch between new and vanilla soundtracks, new and vanilla unit voices. Language and start options are easily selectable too. Made by Predator_BG.


And finally, a new trailer for the upcoming 008 final (big thanks to SmokeMelvin)!


We have recently started testing Contra online to find any bugs and imbalanced stuff. Challenge maps are also being tested. We hope you enjoyed this update. We are not dead.

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0 Contra 008 Beta 2 released!

Posted by predator_bg on September 1, 2014 in Contra News (eng)

Originally posted on ModDB by ThePredatorBG on Jan 1st, 2014


Happy New Year to all of you!!! We are happy to inform you that Contra 008 Beta II release is ready!



Greetings fans! After turbulent last few months, we have made this release for all of you. As posted before, we guess you all know what is happening with our team, and with Contra mod.

Still, we have raisen from dust and put a lot of effort to make this true... and probably even better.

As it is stated in credits (if you watch them in-game), you will see a special section with credits for people who made this version happen.

We'll say once again:

- Anubis_theDark
- Zeke_Dlyoung
- VectorIV
- Javellin Cos
- Anto111ka
- Kris (moddingrocks)

And of course our former members which contributed a lot for 008:

- Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov (mod author)
- Gundamwen
- Lil Tasman
- Casojin
- S_P_R
- EvGamer
- Annihillator

And now, current team which holds this project not to fade away, and who decided to take everything in their own hands:

- dcesarec
- Predator_BG (a.k.a. ThePredatorBG on Mod DB)

We both made almost everything new, that you will see and enjoy. We both had to learn many new things, spent many days and nights to make this come true. It has been almost a year since the first Beta. That's because we (dcesarec and predator) decided to continue over the official release about 1-2 months ago.

Now, download, play, have fun. This version is made for enjoying multiplayer, playing challenge and skirmish
Also, post feedback, so we can quickly fix things which we missed. And so we can make a decent story and release FULL version sooner.

We still take offers for help and get in team... because Contra will live!

Some art and sounds were taken from:
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade
Total Annihilation
Men of War: Condemned Heroes

We suggest using GenTool v6.2 for better experience.
Note: We are not the makers of this software.


These are all changes, ranging from 008 Beta to 008 Beta 2.
Russian translation: Redsys.ru

Bugs fixed:

- Tech buildings block projectiles. Fixed.
- Saturn and Nemesis did not have hero signs on mini-map. Fixed.
- Yan Wang could not attack helicopters. Fixed.
- Music was not playing. Fixed.
- Flame general Artillery Training cameo had wrong coordinates. Fixed.
- China Bunkers had missing cameos. Fixed.
- Tank Hunters fire missiles from their feet. Fixed.
- USA Missile Defender had a visual glitch with feet. Fixed.
- Some maps were not available in multiplayer. Fixed.
- Some GLA units use English voices. Fixed.
- Some GLA voices were missing. Fixed.
- Some GLA voices were delayed after unit action. Fixed.
- Medic Droid was affected by Exoskeletons, but upgrade icon was missing. Fixed.
- Nuclear Battlemaster was affected by Nuclear Tanks, but upgrade icon was missing. Fixed.
- Cyborg uses Ranger voice for building capturing. Fixed.
- Terminator uses Burton voice when planting charges. Fixed.
- Raven uses Comanche voices when destroyed. Fixed.
- Internet Centers use Command Center preview sound. Fixed.
- Omega Cannon could be attacked by light weapons. Fixed.
- GLA Worker had selection glitch. Fixed.


- Power production at game start removed.
All USA:
- Command Centers have more health and are limited to one at a time.
SW general:
- Dozer moves 20% faster.
- Security Systems upgrade added.
- Hybrid Engine upgrade moved to Command Center.
- Tomahawk Storm has +20% more firepower.
- Web Defense System removed.
- Heavy Construction Dozer requires Strategy Center and rank 3.
- Saturn is now a unit built at War Factory in order to eliminate all bugs.
- Blackout Missile System is built by Dozer only (was Saturn only).
- Garrisoned infantry in Fire Base and SSM Site auto-heal. The point of auto-heal was to give infantry inside those defenses a chance to survive since they get killed by everything in Contra. Don't try to kill infantry with anti-personnel weapons. Focus your fire on the building.
- Cyclone range increased.
AF general:
- Dozer moves 20% faster.
- Security Systems upgrade added.
- Hybrid Engine upgrade moved to Command Center.
- Hydra (EMP Artillery) removed.
- Colossus was changed. Sparrowhawk flies around Colossus and fires missiles at enemies around it. There is a designation effect on the targeted unit.
- F16XL firepower increased slightly.
Laser general
- Dozer moves 20% faster.
- Security Systems upgrade added.
- Hybrid Engine upgrade moved to Command Center.
Cyber general:
- Cyborgs move as fast as other infantry from the start. After Exoskeletons upgrade, they move +50% faster.
- Cyborgs are resistant to toxins and radiation. They take damage very slowly.
- Drone Controllers' drones have 50% less life time.
- Nemesis has less speed, more health and more firepower
- Pegasus is armed with one bomb. Firepower and particle effect from Contra 007 have been returned.
- Cepheus shoots one shell with double firepower and double reload time.
- Cyborg Drop, Missile Cyborg Drop and Medic Drop have been removed.
- Cylon firepower increased, armor decreased.
All China:
- Command Centers have more health and are limited to one at a time.
- Airfield is available at rank 3.
Nuclear general:
- Radioactive Shells and Chain Guns upgrades moved from Internet Center to War Factory.
- Nuclear Battlemaster health was decreased by 10% and the chance to fire a nuclear shell has been returned (all the same as in 007).
Infantry general:
- Minigun upgrade moved from Internet Center to Barracks.
- Chain Guns upgrade moved from Internet Center to War Factory.
- Sniper is now stealth while moving.
- Troop Crawlers move 10% faster.
- Mongoose removed.
- Dragon Tank range is now the same as other Dragon Tanks (was less). It also fires continuously now.
- J-10 costs $1100 (was $1750), but also has 30% less health
Flame general:
- Fire Wall and Thermite Shells upgrades moved from Internet Center to War Factory.
- J-10 removed.
- MiGs have 2 missiles instead of 4. Missiles don't spread anymore.
- Artillery Barrage has a slight flame effect, not for destruction, but for possible fuel ignition.
Tank general:
- Fire Wall, Black Napalm and Improved Autocannon Shells upgrades moved from Internet Center to War Factory.
- J-10 costs $1500 (was $1750), but also has 30% less health. A strike of 4 J-10s creates a firestorm (was 6).
All GLA:
- All Bomb Trucks are stealth while standing still and moving.
- All Angry Mobs are as usual. Cost returned, build time reduced, built at Barracks.
Demolition general:
- Efreet is stealth while standing still and moving.
- Airfield holds 3 planes instead of 4.
- Cockroach jump/boost into suicide action was removed.
Stealth general:
- Hazael damage increased by 30%.
Toxin general:
- Bomb Truck removed.
- Default Toxin Rebel's firepower was lowered to match other generals' infantry. Also, he doesn't clear buildings anymore.
- Toxin Rebel gains the ability to clear buildings with Anthrax Gamma (Difosgen) upgrade.
- Toxin Pump upgrade was moved from Black Market to Barracks.
Assault general:
- Katyusha was moved at rank 3.
- Dana was moved at rank 1.
- Sneak Attack general's power was moved at rank 3.


- USA Thor 3D model inserted.
- USA Laser Turret 3D model was changed.
- USA Annihilator 3D model was changed.
- USA Cyborg 3D model was changed.
- USA Super Weapon Burton (Splinter Cell) 3D model inserted.
- USA Air Force Burton (Duke Nukem) 3D model inserted.
- USA Seraphim 3D model inserted.
- USA Nemesis 3D model size increased.
- USA Phobos 3D model inserted.
- USA Cepheus 3D model inserted.
- USA Lancer 3D model inserted.
- USA Female Ranger 3D model inserted (for SW general).
- USA Comanche texture was improved.
- USA Robo Raptor texture was improved.
- USA Drop Pod texture was improved.

- China infantry textures improved.
- China Sniper 3D model was changed.
- China Flamethrower Turret 3D model was changed.
- China Flame Battlemaster 3D model was changed.
- China Nuclear Battlemaster 3D model was changed.
- China Bunker's garrisoned version is easily recognizable now.

- GLA Rebels 3D models inserted.
- GLA Airfield 3D model inserted.

- New trees inserted.
- Bushes enabled.
- Ice objects added.
- Coconut objects added.

- Rocks objects' textures improved.
- Some textures in vanilla Generals have higher resolution than these in Zero Hour. Some of them were added in Contra (DrainPipe, DrainPipeFlowing, CargoLoadingCranes, damaged Chinese Command Center, damaged Chinese War Factory and some others).
- Snow version of supplies fully inserted now.
- Some Contra terrain textures were replaced with better ones.
- Some vanilla Generals and Contra terrain textures improved.

- Many cameos have been improved.
- Inserted Fixed Cameo Pack by n5p29 (thanks for making this public)

Challenge mode:

- Challenge mode enabled.
- Assault and Cybernetic challenge maps added.
- Infantry challenge map removed.
- All Challenge maps were updated. Bug fixes, balance changes, visual enhancements.


- All maps have a new depth of field (fog) effect.
- All maps have new realistic water effects.
- Some unblended tiles (terrain textures) were blended.
- Long Range Radar tech building and new Civilian Bunker were added on some maps.
Notable changes on most played maps:
- Defcon and Tournament Island were completely overhauled visually. New terrain textures used.
- Tournament Island has wider entrances now.
- You couldn't capture USA and China dozers on Europe Raptor map. Fixed.
Hostile Dawn:
- The Artillery Platforms in the middle were removed.
- The Oil Refinery in the middle was replaced with a Long Range Radar.
- There are two Reinforcement Pads now (was one Reinforcement Pad and one Repair Bay).

Other changes:

- Added new select/preview sounds for Cepheus, Azarakhsh, Communications Center, GLA Airfield, Cyborg Factory, Chemical Bunker.
- Added new voices for Saturn, Heavy Construction Dozer and Female Ranger.
- Inserted new sounds for Jihad Warrior's shotgun, Huang Zhong and Aladdin's guns.
- Many text changes. Misspellings, wrong information and conflicting hotkeys fixed.
- Shellmap from Contra 007 was returned with some changes.
- Main menu interface was updated.
- New music plays on shellmap and menus.
- GLA announcer speaks English again.

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0 Ground Textures Demonstration.

Posted by The Splat on August 26, 2014 in Sail 7 Seas News

The video below will demonstrate a beta version of the textures used within this modification for detailing the ground maps.

Some of the images / textures will be replaced and it is not a "final version" with zero bugs.
Demonstrates some of the work already completed and hopefully encourages people to know this mod may indeed see release.


Sail 7 Seas Modification Ground Texture big file
Please note some of the textures shown here may not show up in the final version.
Modification of the game Command and Conquer tiberian wars.

Music heard in this demo is from the sound crew ,ryan scully and nickolas baschfire who donated to this project some work in 2012-2013 .

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4 Nod Banshee

Posted by Madin on August 7, 2014 in Tiberian History News

The omen of death

The Banshee never made the impact that was expected during the 2nd Tiberium war.
Admittedly this is partly due to the extensive combined GDI & Forgotten attacks that focused on Nod's Banshee production facilities. But also, Nod's pilots never got the best out of the advanced 'alien' technology.


Well the dimensional rift has afforded Nod another opportunity, the Nod Banshee is back and this time Kane is determined to get the best out of this potentially fearsome piece of 'alien' technology.
The good news is that Nod's understanding of alien technology has greatly increased since the 2nd Tiberium war, thanks in no small part to the Scrin invasion.

Aircraft signature scan

The first example of this increased understanding is the fact that Nod are better able to utilise the remarkable target/threat scanning capabilities of the Banshee.
Nod scientist estimate that the Banshee is capable of identifying and prioritising 7 trillion different targets (at the same time) over a distance of 1 light year!



Naturally Nod tactical command are using a fraction of the full ability, however such is the intelligence gathering power of the Banshee, Kane himself has demanded that usage of the target scanner be restricted, if GDI somehow got their hands on this information it could be disastrous.
Using the target scanner will reveal all relevant aerial targets on the battlefield (through the fog of war) for a limited period of time.

Elite armour

While the nature of the present conflict means that the Banshees have been immediately deployed on the battlefield, steps are being takien with a view to providing an upgrade path for expected future discoveries.



One item that will be ready almost immediately is the armour that the elite guard of Kane had on their Banshees during the 2nd Tiberium war. This armour provides a nice boost in resistance against all damage types, and is available to all Banshee squadron commanders.



Transpulse plasma

Nod scientist working inside top secret temple facilities have made great progress in fully unlocking the secrets of the Banshee. Has expected the Banshee had several configurations (similar to earth aircraft) and these attack/defence and scout based configurations were adjusted has needed by the Scrin. In terms of the apparent Banshee 'successor' the Storm rider (yet another ridiculous GDI designation) the simple fact is that like earth based war weaponry, the Scrin like to constantly update and refresh their war machine. One hypothesis suggests that the reason for their apparent continuous change is that they do not want their army becoming too familiar with the weaponry in case of rebellion! Which frankly sounds far fetched, but would explain why they seem tactically ineffective despite their tremendous numerical and technological advantage.


One forsaken weapon that scientist have 'unlocked' is the Transpulse plasma. Apparently this weapon was used in a gunship type Banshee configuration. The Transpulse plasma can ricochet of larger targets which causes smaller burst of plasma to hit additional targets!


Difficult to capture in a still! The FX are not final!

How did the Scrin manage to get intelligent re-targeting of plasma, based on a fraction of the original burst? Nod scientist are still working on an explanation, although one theory suggest that the actual Banshee itself detects the ricochet burst and redirects it at a enemy target. Whatever the facts are, it works, and will soon be available for Nod Banshee pilots to use.

Future upgrades

While Nod scientist have been unable to recreate the Scrin force field technology, they have had limited success in accessing and enabling the locked force field on the Banshee.
Nod research on the Scrin force field suggest that its effectiveness in Scrin battles varies wildly and depends on a huge number of variables. In some arenas the Scrin force field is completely impervious, while in others it is so ineffective that they do not bother with it at all. Apparently the Scrin are surprised by the lack of effectiveness of their force field in solar system based battles.

Nod scientist believe that the ridged inflexibility of Scrin command, which includes their habitual 'locking' of Scrin vehicles and operators, prevents them from learning from battle experience and making the required adjustments. Again this is apparently done to prevent possible revolt, however Nod scientist have found that by allowing a pilot to gain extensive battle data with an unlocked Banshee, eventually a force field will be constructed which takes into account the various damage types experienced during battle! This force field has proved at least twice has effective in comparison to the Scrin capitol ships force fields!


"Now we ready!"

It goes without saying that this kind of 'growth' is the most interesting avenue when it comes to alien technology. Kane has demanded that full disclosure is maintained when it comes to future discoveries concerning Banshee abilities and additional configurations, we can only hope that that information makes its way to the battle field.

Listen to the wailing! look up and see the omen of impending GDI doom!



"Where's that GDI armour hiding!"

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0 We come in peace (July 2014 update)

Posted by mevitar on July 22, 2014 in Doom Desire News

And again, over half of a year has passed since the last news update of Doom Desire. This time i worked solely on Vintarids, although everything took me much more time than i thought it would...

Some people always held the belief that an advanced civilisation can't be malevolant or stay in a permanent state of war, as otherwise it would destroy itself. "Our space brothers" were supposed to have left all wars behind them long time ago.
When they finally came, the truth ended up worse than nightmares created by Hollywood. Not only they seemed to deliberately torture and torment humans, but they were also proven to be impervious to gunfire, as if bullets went through them. Some even started to believe that the invasion is just a grand-scale illusion and everyone is just hallucinating.
Still, for all but the most delusional ones, it was very clear that humanity just became an endangered specie.

Vintarid Rethan Assimilator and Vintarid Kerzer Frayer
sml_201401_ret.png sml_201402_ker.png

Rethan: Hovering slightly above the terrain, Rethans sweep over the ground with their tentacles, absorbing energy from any living being that comes nearby. They are also capable of absorbing Crystalline.
Kerzer: Kerzer is the main ground infantry support unit for the Vintarids. Very durable for their appearance, they are still expendable and should be expected to see in large numbers.

Vintarid Dedara Retriever and Vintarid Cleaver
sml_201404_ded.png sml_201405_cle.png

Dedara: Ever since the Vintarids appeared, people in remote settlements started to disappear, never to be seen again. Few of those that remained told stories about trees that grew up during a night, only to disappear few days later, with whole families gone missing.
Cleaver: With the Vintarid assault came strange meteorites that either exploded inair, razing everything below, or fell to the ground where they grew a strange, tentacle-like appendage.

Vintarid Base Defenses

Retaking locations conquered by the aliens proved to be a task that only Essence is capable of, but even for them, it's not an easy one. Not only the aliens always seem to be aware of any incoming attack, they are also impossible to take by surprise. Any attempt to assault their position ends up with the attack force stopping to respond to orders, and either vanishing forever, or turning against their former allies.

There's also a video of them in action.

For the end, I decided to post some WIP civilian units, but untextured for now (just so you know how many of them are planned).

Until next time.

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0 Ares 0.7 Released!

Posted by OmegaBolt on July 4, 2014 in C&C Guild News

Yes, the next version of Ares is now available in a stable and nicely packaged form thanks to our hero AlexB, including Windows 8 fixes (no, not fixing the operating system itself, that is beyond the project!), new modding abilities and a reworked manual. Get ready for the next wave of Ares powered mods!

Hello guys,

Today is Ares 0.7 release day! Ares 0.7 fixes a few memory issues that were affecting all operating systems, but that had a habit of crashing on Windows 8. They all have been fixed, so this Ares version is more stable than ever. Of course, there are also some new features, like the customizable score screen graphics and themes, and several old ones like the Drop Pod and Hunter Seeker super weapons. Another bunch of features is related to the Cyborg Reaper's Splits missile logic, which has been implemented in Ares, and which needed Ranged and ProjectileRange to be implemented as well. It's all there, and now it is possible to recreate the Cyborg Reaper's missiles in YR (not the net-thrower weapon, though).

There are lots of more small features, like better support to create landmines, prevent units from scattering when repaired by a warhead, treat civilian units as enemies, and custom airstrike voices. You'll find them in the documentation, which has a new What's New page where you can easily see what features were added recently. Even if it does not show bugfixes for the original game, there were some of them, too. The inefficient aircraft smoke lookup has been replaced by a new system with customizable smoke animations and probabilities. And of course, lots of internal Ares code was updated. The Migration Guide in the manual lists only one item, and this time you need to take no steps to upgrade.

Regarding the documentation: It is in a transitional state. The table of contents got longer and longer and items on the same topic were spread over the entire length. This will hopefully be sorted out soon. As of now, the search feature will no longer display formatting texts, but almost only the pure text you see on a page. This should make it easier to find the right page.

That's it for today. Happy Modding!

Website: http://ares.strategy-x.com/
Announcement: https://launchpad.ne...ouncement/12808
Download: https://launchpad.net/ares/+download
Documentation: http://ares-develope....com/Ares-docs/

Ares is an engine expansion project designed to improve the original game's performance and stability and provide extra utility for modders. Ares is an open source project and welcomes contributions from C++ developers and always requires more active testing! Head over to the forum on Project Perfect Mod to take part.

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0 American Bulldogs.

Posted by Mig Eater on June 13, 2014 in D-Day News

This news post looks at the American Post-War family of vehicles based on the M41 chassis. The M41 Bulldog and M42 Duster have actually been in D-day for sometime, however their voxels were very inaccurate and in desperate need of replacing. As I was redoing them I thought I'd also make several other units based on the M41 too (including some non-American variants that I'll post at a later time :p ).

If you want to see more information and pictures on any of these units click on the images to go to their D-day wiki pages.

M41 Walker Bulldog
Designed to replace the M24 Chaffee development started in 1947 on the T37, which used a new experimental rangefinder and British fire control system. While advantageous this experimental system was deemed too complex and in need of further development. With the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950 the need for a new tank to replace the M24 Chaffee was even greater as it was struggling to defend against the enemy T-34/85 tanks. So work quickly moved onto the T41E1 which used a new rounder turret and simplified rangefinder, it was rushed into production in 1951 as the M41 Little Bulldog. It was soon renamed the Walker Bulldog after US Army General Walton Walker who died in a traffic accident in 1950 while in Korea.

M41A1 Walker Bulldog
The M41 Walker Bulldog was rushed into production in 1951 to fight in the Korean War, some had even arrived in Korea before official testing had finished and the design standardised. Because of this the design suffered from several flaws, the M41A1 was put into production in 1954 in hopes to fix these issues. The original electrical turret traverse system was deemed to slow and so it was replaced in the M41A1 with a new hydraulic system which not only increased the turret's rate of turn but was also more compact and allowed more rounds to be stored in the turret. Another problem was that debris could get stuck between the tracks and fenders and cause the tracks to be thrown off the wheels and damage the tank. To fix this the side skirts were removed, track defectors were added under the fenders and the fenders were also rounded off on the ends. Over 2,300 M41A1 Walker Bulldog's were built and used until 1969 when it was replaced by the M551 Sheridan. Many were then sold to other countries where they were further upgraded with bigger guns and more powerful engines, some of these tanks are still in service today.

M42 Duster
The M42 Duster was designed in 1952 to replace the M19. The twin 40mm Bofors guns used on the M19 were still an effective anti-aircraft weapon system though, so the M41 was simply modified to use the turret from the M19. In 1963 the M42 was removed from front line duty and replaced with the medium range HAWK missile system. However in the 1966 the US Army in Vietnam lacked any close anti-air defense and so the M42 was recalled back into service, the North Vietnamese air force however never became a threat. The M42 was instead used to great success as a ground support vehicle, its 40mm guns being able to deal heavy damage to unarmoured targets.

Built to replace the M41 in 1953, the M44 was based on a reversed M41 chassis with the engine at the front and the fighting compartment at the back. It used the same 155mm howitzer as the M41 but instead of being in the open it was now placed within an armoured crew compartment.

Development of the M52 started in 1951 along with the M44. Both used the same chassis, which was modified from the M41. Unlike the M44 the M52 used a fully inclosed turret equipped with a nuclear, biological and chemical protection system so it could be used on a contaminated battlefield. Development dragged on for several years an went thorough several prototypes. One of which put the ventilation system next to the engine exhaust, which resulted in dangerous level of carbon monoxide being vented into the turret! By 1955 all the problems were worked out and the the M52 was put into production. Over 680 were built and many were later sold to other countries who still use them today.

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