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0 Japanese Self Propelled Guns

Posted by on November 24, 2015 in D-Day News

We once more delve into the seemingly never ending Japanese unit list with some of their late war self propelled guns.

Click of the unit names to visit their D-day wiki page for more information & pictures.

120mm Naval Short

In the closing stages of the war the Japanese navy modified fourteen Type 97 Chi-Ha "Shinhoto" tanks, fitting them with a short barrelled 120mm naval gun. The massive weapon required multiple recoil cylinders and could only just fit inside the Chi-Ha's small turret. Because of this an extension was built onto the back of the turret to hold the ammunition. There also wasn't any space inside the tank for the crew to loading the gun, so instead the loader had to stand on top of the tank and push the ammunition threw the back of the turret. All of the tanks were issued to the Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces who deployed them to several bases around Japan to defend against the expected American invasion.

120mm Naval Long

When American occupation forces entered Tateyama gunnery school in Yokosuka they discovered a Type 97 Chi-Ha tank that had been modified by removing the turret and fitted it with a 120mm Type 10 naval cannon. Only a single vehicle was found and it is unclear if it was a makeshift weapon built by the gunnery school or if it was a prototype there for testing. Due to the weapons extreme weight and powerful recoil it is dubious that the Chi-Ha's light riveted hull could survive the stress of firing the weapon for long. However it would have been be a great threat to any Allied armour.

Type 5 Ho-Chi

The Type 5 Ho-Chi was a project to mount a Type 96 150mm artillery cannon onto the hull of the Type 97 Chi-Ha. It is believed that the Osaka arsenal built and tested the weapon and mount but wasn't able to fit it onto a prototype tank before the war ended.

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0 Polish Trucks

Posted by on November 23, 2015 in D-Day News

With this news post we return to Poland for some Trucking. While not as glamorous as their armoured brethren, these units form the core of your base and will keep your economy flowing.

Click of the unit names to visit their D-day wiki page for more information & pictures.


The PZInz.713 was heavy transport truck designed in 1937 by the Państwowe Zakłady Inżynieryjne (National Engineering Works) to replace the licence built Italian Polski Fiat 621L. A limited series of 100 vehicles was produced during 1939 with mass production of twenty thousand to start the following year. In September 1939 the Germans and Soviets invaded Poland putting a halt to all production. As fighting intensified and Poland's fate seemed bleak, a convoy of PZInz.713 trucks was loaded with Poland's gold reserves and evacuate to Romania.

The PZInz.713 is used as Poland's construction vehicle

Polski Fiat 621L

Initially Poland bought the Fiat 621 directly from factories in Italy, however it was soon found that the design struggled on some of Poland's rougher roads. Even with this problem the Fiat 621 was still liked so PZInz designed a new version with a reinforced chassis and a more powerful engine to better fit Polish needs. A licence to produce this modified design in Poland was agreed on and production started in 1935 with thirteen thousand being built by 1939, making it one of the most numerous trucks in Poland during the 1930's.

The Polski Fiat 621L is used as the pre/early-war supply vehicle


The PZInz.342 was a wheeled prime mover designed to replace the half track C4P in the role of towing artillery and anti-aircraft guns. By August 1939 five prototypes had been completed, an order for a further 200 was placed with mass production expected to start early next year. The fate of the five prototypes is unknown, none of them survived the war.

The PZInz.342 is used as the mid/late-war supply vehicle


The Lublin-51 was a Polish licence built copy of the Soviet GAZ-51 truck, which was the standard truck used by the communist bloc countries post-war. Production started in November 1951 and continued until 1959 with seventeen an a half thousand being built, many of which still survive today in various forms ranging from simple farm trucks to racing hot-rods!

The Lublin-51 is used as the post-war supply vehicle

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0 Japanese Heavy Tank Destroyers

Posted by on November 20, 2015 in D-Day News

Japan brings out the big guns with these five heavy tank destroyers.

Click of the unit names to visit their D-day wiki page for more information & pictures.

Type 5 Ho-Ri (Concept)

Development of the Type 5 Ho-Ri tank destroyer started in 1942 in parallel with the Type 5 Chi-Ri medium tank, which it would share some components with. The design seen here is the early concept for the Ho-Ri which features a distinctive sloped front plate, unique among Japanese tanks.

Type 5 Ho-Ri

As work on the Type 5 Ho-Ri tank destroyer and Type 5 Chi-Ri medium tank progressed it was decided to change the original sloped front plate and use the same layout at the Chi-Ri. While decreasing frontal protection this change added a 37mm cannon and machine gun to the front hull greatly increasing the tank's defensive fire power.

Type 5 Ho-Ri II

In a further effort to simplify production the fighting compartment of the Type 5 Ho-Ri was moved from the rear of the tank to the center, making the hull design unified with that of the Type 5 Chi-Ri. After three years of development and multiple variants the war ended before work on a prototype could started, ending what would have been one of Japan's most powerful tank designs of WW2.

Type 5 Na-To

With invasion by the Americans looming over their homeland the Japanese launched an emergency project to develop a new tank destroyer in the shortest possible time. Using the Type 4 Chi-So prime mover as the base the rear cargo area was opened up and a 75mm Type 5 cannon was placed on the roof. Two prototypes of this makeshift tank destroyer where built and tested, a further 200 more where ordered but the war ended before mass production could start.

Type 5 Ka-To

While the development of the Type 5 Na-To was proceeded with as quickly as possible using readily available components, the Type 5 Ka-To was designed from scratch as an more advance alternative. The height was decreased making it less of a target against enemies, It was also lengthened with an extra road wheel and the gun was changed from 75mm to 105mm greatly increasing it's firepower. The war ended before work on a prototype could start and it remained a paper project.

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3 Sole Survivor recreated in RA

Posted by on November 18, 2015 in C&C Guild News

Sole Survivor was a massively multiplayer game based on original C&C, Tiberium Dawn.  Servers went down over ten years ago and it was never included in any C&C collections.   It was up to 50 players but you had to pick only one unit to play as, any unit in the original C&C.  Team CTF was the most popular mode.  Stats were modified from TD values, designed to even up units, and most were given more hit points,


Red Alert 1 is limited to 8 players but you can have multiple units in this version recreated for RA.  Two or three per a player will probably make for most strategic and skillful games.  Ants with their stats are substituted for viceroid and two of the four dinosaurs.  All other TD units are present as well as some RA units.


Thanks to Myg whose sole server work I got most stats from and Nyerguds whose Sole Survivor map render images I recreated map35 going by.


More info and variations of first test map available at http://xo.cncguild.net/sole.html

It is designed for play on http://cncnet.org


I do not know exact numbers for weapons, warhead percentages, and structures.  I have approximated weapon firing rates and ranges closely but do not know if damages or %'s were changed.  If anyone has this information or where it could be found in sole.exe with a hex editor I would appreciate it.


Also available on my xo site is TD and RA1 combined together with at least four different teams within RA1.  It's not as epic as the excellent stand alone game, Dawn of the Tiberium Age, which combines them together within TS' s engine but it has some things to offer.


These are all self-contained map mods that do not modify your game.  Just play the map and it has the custom rules within it.

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0 Chi-Ri II tanks

Posted by on November 18, 2015 in D-Day News

Once again we return to Japan for more obscure tanks designed in the death throes of the empire.

Click of the unit names to visit their D-day wiki page for more information & pictures.

Type 5 Chi-Ri II

The Type 5 Chi-Ri II was Japan's last tank design of WW2, an evolution of the Type 5 Chi-Ri. The ambitious design of the Chi-Ri's belt-fed weapon system proved to be to dificalt and was cancelled. With this feature removed the Chi-Ri's large turret was no longer necessary and in turn the large engine needed to power it too. With the removal of these the Chi-Ri II could be made smaller and more compact, this gave it a similar layout to the Type 4 Chi-To though. Because of this the Chi-Ri II was cancelled in favour of the Chi-To which was already fully developed.

Type 5 Chi-Ri II TD

The Type 5 Chi-Ri II TD was a proposed variant of the Type 5 Chi-Ri II, replacing the turret with a fixed superstructure. Development of the Chi-Ri II and in turn the Chi-Ri II TD was cancelled though and it remained only a paper project.

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0 American Airships

Posted by on November 17, 2015 in D-Day News


Today D-day takes off with some unique and often overlooked american Airships.

Click of the unit names to visit their D-day wiki page for more information & pictures.

Airship Hanger

Constructing the Airship Hanger gives the player the ability to build special blimp units. The design is based on the hangers at Santa Ana Naval Air Station (now Marine Corps Air Station Tustin), which was built in 1942 to hold and service the US Navy's airships. After the war airship operations stopped but the base soon found new usage as a helicopter maintenance and training center for the Marine Corps. Today most of the base has been closed but one of the hangers is still being used by civilian airships.


The K-class were the US Navy's primary patrol and anti-submarine airship during WW2. They were used to patrol the American coastline and escort convoys for signs of German or Japanese submarines. Their greatest success though was at Gibraltar where they helped to blockade the entrance to the Mediterranean during the night, when it was to dangerous for normal aircraft to operate. After the war the K-class continued patrolling the coast of America for several more years but were slowly replaced with seaplanes equipped with new radar systems. There were plans in the 1950's to refit the K-class with nuclear depth charges but it proved to be to hazardous.

USS Macon

The USS Macon and it's sister ship the USS Akron are the second largest airships ever built, beaten by the German Hindenburg by only a few meters. They do however hold the distinction of being the only flying aircraft carriers ever built. Designed by the Goodyear Aircraft company in the early 1930's the Akron and Macon used an experimental trapeze system they could launch and recover up to five F9C Sparrowhawk planes from an internal hanger. Sadly the USS Akron was destroyed in April 1933 when it encountered a storm off the cost of New England and crashed into the sea, out of the 76 on board only 3 survived making it the greatest loss of life in an airship crash. During February 1935 the USS Macon also also found itself caught in a severe storm off the California cost, suffering structural failure it landed in the sea. Following the loss of the Akron life jackets and inflatable rafts where added to the Macon, which resulted in nearly the entire crew surviving. With the loss of both airships development of flying aircraft carriers was stopped.

Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk

The Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk was a fighter/scout plane made specificity for use on the USS Akron and USS Macon flying aircraft carriers. It was fitted with a hook on the top of the main wing which would be attached to a retractable trapeze underneath the carrier for launching an recovery. Even though the hook and trapeze system seemed complex most pilots noted that it was easier then landing on an pitching and rolling aircraft carrier at sea. After the loss of both the Akron and Macon only three Sparrowhawks remained, their hooks were removed and were relegated to utility duties. In 1939 one of them was given to the Smithsonian museum, several years later when it was restored the other two aircraft where cannibalised for parts, leaving just the single plane left which can still been seen today.

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7 Mental Omega News Bulletin #19 (16/11/2015)

Posted by on November 16, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

The Mental Omega Act One playthrough is over and it's finally time to post some news. While the recording of all 36 missions gave me a chance to once more test and adjust all the Act One missions, I'm glad it is done as now I can fully focus on finishing the Act Two campaign and the design of Side 4 which we announced a few months ago in this trailer.

Replaying the first 36 missions of Mental Omega which have been released back in 2013 made me reconsider some of the missions' difficulties and tone them down a bit, even on Mental, as you have perhaps noticed. I have also been driven by the thought that none of those missions should really clock over 1 hour of playtime except for the Finales, even on the Mental difficulty, so changes have been made to make them flow faster. I was also able to fix a bunch of bugs and continuity errors which I hope will no longer be the case in the next release.


The addition of this new side and all the new unique weapons and powers the mod will have is only possible thanks to the Ares Expansion DLL's existence and AlexB's continuous efforts to make Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge as moddable as possible. From the possibility to choose a new side in skirmish or campaign, to the additional interface visuals and audio settings, and of course all the weapon and superweapon logics which are all possible with Ares. Side 4 relies on the DLL in almost every way. It is thanks to all those features that Side 4 will have its unique gameplay mechanics and style.

It is thanks to a solid team of modders, mappers, artists and voice actors (I am obviously not the only one working on this project!) that Side 4 will have its distinct look, sound, and even their own missions for both single player and cooperative modes. A full list of contributors will be available on the usual page shortly before the release, but as we reveal the new buildings and units I will tell you more about their authors already. I'd also already like to mention World Beyond, whose music was used in the Side 4 reveal trailer and will be used in the game as well.
Here is the full version of the song used in the video, "The Remnant":

The introduction of a fourth side will obviously result in the increase of total subfactions available in the mod from 9 to 12 as we have been designing this new side with the intention to give it 3 unique subfactions from the beginning. If you are following Mental Omega on Facebook or ModDB then you already know their names: from left to right, it is Haihead, Wings of Coronia and the Last Bastion.


The skirmish loading screens for these subfactions have all been created by Nooze.

ls_haihead.jpg ls_coronia.jpg ls_lastb.jpg

Some of new side's missions are already being designed. Here's a loading screen for their first mission "Nobody Home". I guess that if I disclosed the amount of missions they will be getting to you right now, that would be some sort of a spoiler, so I will not be doing that right now.


The Mental Omega installer, with its classic "Red Alert 2 Setup.exe look" will be updated to feature several of Side 4's objects on the new so-called blueprints. So far, we've got three, which present the Teratorn, the Mastodon and the Plasmerizer. The models have been created by Moder.U, Lobstrex and Bu7loos, while the artwork is the result of combined efforts by Tomsons and Nooze.

f_teratorn_sm.jpg f_mastodon_sm.jpg f_plasmerizer_sm.jpg

On a side note, due to the introduction of this new side we are reworking the Stolen Tech system. There will not be a set of 4x4 stolen tech infantry units. Instead, there will be a set of 4x4 stolen tech vehicles, while what used to be the stolen tech in the current release will be repurposed or scrapped. We will go into more details on this matter later, however here's one of the new stolen tech vehicles, created by Azri_Apoc: the Soviet Grumble - the ultimate anti-aircraft system which requires to be deployed before firing its powerful rockets at great ranges.


Forget what you know about Future Tanks, Deviators, Apocalypses, Chrono Ivans, Cyborgs etc.
This is the stolen tech reboot

The new stolen technology roster! 15 units to go.

The original sides have also undergone some changes and received new equipment.


If you'd like to help develop Mental Omega further, write an e-mail to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com
Right now we're in need of additional Voxel Artists, 3D Artists, Mission Scripters and Voice Actors.
Single contributions are welcome. 


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0 Rise of the Reds v1.86 Release Stream

Posted by on November 12, 2015 in C&C Guild News

Tomorrow, Friday November 13th 2015 I will be doing a few streams of Rise of the Reds version 1.86 and from this moment on I will no longer touch anything related to 1.85
The first stream will start at around 14:00 GMT (15:00 AMSTERDAM time) on my channel on twitch for the following reason: THE REASON
YES Version 1.86 will have its PUBLIC release as of the start of my stream and that does mean that I will be starting at the moment that countdown hits 0.
I hope that the testers will be around for a game or 2 that you can watch while you download and install the patch
Hope to see you all then!

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1 Polish Heavy Tanks

Posted by on November 12, 2015 in D-Day News


I'm proud to announce with this news post the first of many new Polish units to be added to D-day! They will be available via bonus crates in the next release and in a future version as part of a fully playable side.

Click of the unit names to visit their D-day wiki page for more information & pictures.


In 1936 the Polish army started a design competition for a new medium tank. The KSUS company submitted a design inspired by the multi-turreted British A6 and Soviet T-28 tanks. BBTBr.Panc then submitted a modified version of KSUS's design fitted with a more powerful engine and a Bofors gun. A wooden mock-up of BBTBr.Panc's design was built but the invasion and annexation of Poland by Germany and the Soviet Union stopped all work on the project.

During it's development the tank's official name was simply "medium tank" (Czolgi Sredni). The designation 25TP was created by historian Janusz Magunski post-war to help differentiate it from other Polish tank projects.


This tank design was submitted to the Polish army in 1939 by Professor Antoniego Markowskiego. It was quite an advance design with heavily sloped amour and a large 120mm cannon. Not much is know other then the brief design proposal, even if it would have been excepted though Polish industry at that time would have struggled to produced such a large and complex tank.

This tank received no official designation and was was simply called "heavy tank" (Czolg Ciezki). I have used the name 53TP in accordance with Polish armoured nomenclature to help differentiate it.


This monstrous tank equipped with a 155m cannon in it's main turret along with twin 40mm anti-air guns in a secondary turret at the rear was designed by Stanisław Lem the famed science fiction writer. Lem worked as a mechanic in Lwówin for most of the war, during this time he also created several different tank and rocket designs. In October 1944 he submitted them to the Soviet State Defence Committee, in hopes that they may help in liberating Poland from the Nazis. The Soviets had no interest in them though and filed them away in their archives, where they remained forgotten until recently when they were discovered by a Russian historian.

This tank received no official designation and was was simply called "battleship tank" (Czolg Pancernik). I have used the name 220TP in accordance with Polish armoured nomenclature to help differentiate it.

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2 Mental Omega Playthrough - Act One Finales!

Posted by on November 12, 2015 in Mental Omega APYR News

It is done, the series of Mental Omega Act One playthroughs on Mental has come to an end and so we're halfway through our mod's story. The upload of last Yuri mission took a while but it required some modifications so that I could say that it's been improved for the next release. Only news and new content now, also on our channel to which you should totally subscribe right now if you want to receive notifications on the latest video updates.


Yuri's Epsilon Mission 12: Moonlight has undergone several changes, including the addition of Soviet MCV reinforcements which allow you to rebuild the factories. You no longer have to worry about losing the only factory you capture in the first Launchpad outpost, however this MCV arrives only after you successfully extract contents of the first station. The pacing of this mission has been improved, it takes less times for the Drillers to transport the neccessary parts away. You will now also be able to build the Iron Curtain in case you need it for something, it might be useful for protecting the captured Launchpads for a short period of time too.

Soviet Mission 12: Dragonstorm's most important change is.. a spoiler so either you'll have to play it for yourself or just watch the video above. There is a modification to how the mission works in the later stage after a certain reveal. There are more attacks on your base, however if you prepare your defenses properly you shouldn't have bigger issues dealing with enemy units. This Act One finale is most likely the easiest of the three.

Allied Mission 12: Sunlight did not receive too many changes. It is still a challenging finale, especially on the Mental difficulty which is full of surprises like a Nuke Silo threatening your Gladius Defense Systems or Dreadnoughts protected with the Iron Curtain. At certain point you will probably have to expand to the other side with resources and choosing the right time to attack the island might be the most important decision to make during this mission. This, and when to use the Force Shield you can prepare in this mission. As always, use more Thors. 

Check the website back on MOnday for the return of News Bulletins. Stay tuned!



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