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4 Mental Omega News Bulletin #3 (17/11/2014)

Posted by Speeder on November 17, 2014 in Mental Omega APYR News

Weekly updates continue, with more Act Two missions revealed and additional info on new features planned for Mental Omega. We start with a visit to a place familiar to some..


After Act One the Soviets emerge victorious and control the entire European continent. They've built a large prison facility in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, which in this timeline is never completely destroyed. Now a city transformed into a fortress, where the Soviets hold one of their most valuable prisoners. You, as the Allied commander, will have to use the first ever Chrono Legionnaire suit to rescue this prisoner. The Allied Act Two begins with.. 

Operation: The Mermaid


If you ever wondered, why the Allies never used their teleport troops to end all conflicts, Mental Omega will offer a believable explanation. The Chrono Legion is an elite assassin task force lurking in the darkness of time and space, preparing for the moment when the Allies will be ready to fight back against their oppressors. With limited resources available in Great Britain, the technology becomes highly experimental and expensive, and if it would ever fall into Yuri's hands thanks to mind control, it would likely put an end to all Allied plans for an insurrection.

Any screenshot of another location in this mission would be a major spoiler, since the city is a labyrinth and the map design relies on Chrono Legionnaire's inability to teleport into shroud, which is why this is the only one we can show to you, at least right now. A hint though: the end is where The Mermaid is. The building's artwork was created by Nooze.


A new Ares DLL feature introduced in version 0.8 allows us to create buildings which when owned will make all newly build units or even structures veteran or elite at the moment of their creation. The feature has additional customization, making it possible to specify which objects can or cannot gain these bonuses, meaning that you can create a structure which only grants immediate elite status to just Libra, for example. Read more about this logic here.

So far, we've made use of this feature and with Nooze's help we added 4 new tech buildings.


From the top-left to bottom right: Tech Academy, Tech Heavy MachineryTech Aeronautics, Tech Defense Bureau, which grant initial veterancy to infantry, ground units, aircraft, and defenses respectively. We might consider adding one for the navy in the future. Special objects which grant elite status to selected units might appear in some form.
We have new tech buildings and with the introduction of new tech buildings comes a need to actually have those on the skirmish maps.



Map Preview #7: (4) Tournament Complex (urban; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #8: (4) Eternal Alliance (new-urban; standard map pool) by Toveena

Depicted in the links above are two brand new 4-player maps which feature the new tech buildings in important positions. Since they provide you early veterancy for the price of a single Engineer, capturing them quickly might give you a serious advantage early game and if you play your cards well and manage to hold the structure long enough, this advantage might give you victory. Designs of both "(4) Tournament Complex" and "(4) Eternal Alliance" encourage 2v2 team games, but by Mental Omega's game mode standards they are not maps limited to the obsolete 'Team Alliance' mode. You can, but are not forced to, play these maps in teams but also in any other mode you want.


Remember the Iron Fist? It's the unit which was supposed to work as advanced Soviet stolen tech until the enhanced Apocalypse Tank replaced it. Maybe we should think of a way to bring it back into the skirmish play.. Also that's a nice unused Mental Omega logo.



If you'd like to help develop Mental Omega further, write an e-mail to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com
Right now we're in need of additional Voxel Artists, 3D Artists, Mission Scripters and Voice Actors.
Single contribtions are welcome.




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0 Japanese Fortifications

Posted by Mig Eater on November 14, 2014 in D-Day News

Now that all the Japanese defences are complete they are fortifying their position in preparation to strike out & take their place as one of D-day's main sides.


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9 Mental Omega News Bulletin #2 (10/11/2014)

Posted by Speeder on November 10, 2014 in Mental Omega APYR News

Piece by piece we reveal more information on the development of the new Mental Omega release. Today we relive the past while also gaining a sneak peek into the future.


Imagine waking up in the Amazon rainforest, living through one of your worst nightmares! The iconic mission from Mental Omega 2.0 returns with a twist in order to induce a complete state of paranoia. You have an important mission to complete, one that could change the fate of this world but everything there is out to get you. Shadow Tanks, Basilisks, Invaders, Brutes, Viruses.. not to mention the large amounts of enemy troops hidden by the Chimera Cores. It is a terrifying scenario, even for two brave heroes such as Tanya and Norio. They will compensate for each other's weaknesses and hopefully, with your great commanding skills, will succeed in taking down Yuri's Psychic Amplifier.

Paranoia is now Allied Mission 19. Without spoiling too much, the main objectives haven't changed. Take out 2 Nuke Silos first, then the Psychic Amplifier. What has changed though is your party and a certain detail: both of Tactical Nuke Silos have to be taken out simultaneously, otherwise the one that's left intact fires and you fail the mission. Good luck! 

Operation: Paranoia


mission_paranoia2sm.jpg mission_paranoia3sm.jpg

Don't remember the Mental Omega 2.0 version of Operation: Paranoiac? Check out this video!
No stealth cheating! Remember that you can still download the old versions of Mental Omega.
Is there any other mission you'd like to see make a return?



Map Preview #4: (2) Oil Spill Crisis (snow; "Islands" map pool) by Speeder
Map Preview #5: (2) Canyon Fodder II (temperate; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #6: (3) Canyon Fodder III (temperate; standard map pool) by Toveena

There is quite a clear theme in today's Map Pool Update: remakes & alternate versions. Since the original Canyon Fodder map was removed for Beta Revision 1 but many did have quite fond memories of it, we've decided to reuse its layout ideas which resulted in the creation of "(2) Canyon Fodder II" & "(3) Canyon Fodder III". There is also a bonus 4 player version which will be included in the next beta. "(2) Oil Spill Crisis" is a balanced remake of the original map Alaskan Oil Spill which was also removed for Beta Revision 2 and will only be available in the Islands game mode.


Something worth mentioning, but not possible to show, is a new feature that allows us to change the loading, victory and defeat music themes for the sides. It's something we've added to the next Mental Omega build and it's quite a nice detail. Recent updates to Ares also include a bunch of bugfixes such as no visible repair wrench animation on buildings which are cloaked and several fixes to the memory management issues which were the cause of crashes on newer systems while trying to start a second match in a row among few others.


The addition of FactoryOwners in Ares 0.6 had me updating the tech trees for all three sides, something I will focus on in one of the future updates. The logic allows you set a factory constructed by a specific house as a prerequisite for various technology. As a quick example - to build most of the subfaction unique Allied technology you'll need to build one of the three buildings depicted above. However, in order to be able to build these as a subfaction which doesn't normally have them in the build list, you'll need to capture the Construction Yard of someone who does.


Ares also allows you to replace the mission selection in form of three buttons with a mission list, in case you make more than 3 campaigns or just want to let the players choose any mission at any moment without the need to use save files. The amount of missions visible in the list is customizable and so is the presence of short mission description at the bottom of the selection screen.


The amount of new missions grows and so does the number of loading screens for them.

epsilon17sm.jpg soviet17sm.jpg

Word is that the army of China has a workshop of their own and after their defeat in "Dragonstorm", they've been working on new weapons to try and take on the Russians once more. This piece of intel is unverified but there's a low quality photo. You'd think that with all the advanced technology available in the Mental Omega timeline there'd be halfway decent spying equipment.



If you'd like to help develop Mental Omega further, write an e-mail to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com
Right now we're in need of additional Voxel Artists, 3D Artists, Mission Scripters and Voice Actors.
Single contribtions are welcome.




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1 Japanese Artillery.

Posted by Mig Eater on November 9, 2014 in D-Day News

Continuing with the Japanese defences, here are their fixed artillery weapons.

To see more information and photos of these guns click on the images to go to their Wiki pages.

Type 91 105mm
During the 1920 the Japanese Army Technical Bureau bought several French Canon de 105 mle 1913 Schneider howitzers for evaluation purposes, impressed with the design a further 300 were ordered from Schneider. In 1931 a locally produced Japanese version was put into production as the Type 91 and became the standard Japanese Army light howitzer with over a 1,000 produced during the war.

Type 96 150mm
During the mid 1920 the Japanese started work on a new 150mm howitzer to replace the Type 4 15cm (model 1915). Development lasted for over a decade and went through several stages, the design was finally accepted in 1936 but some changes were still needed and mass production didn't start until 1937. The Type 96's protracted development proved to be beneficial as the end result was considered to be one of the most modern and effective howitzers of WW2. One the Type 96's main features was the ability to fire at an elevation of 65°, but this was only possible when a pit was dug beneath the breech.

Type 4 40cm

The development of a heavy spin stabilised rocket mortar was started in 1942 to replace the Type 98 32cm Spigot Mortar. The first prototypes used a large steel launch tube but this proved to be overly complex and a simpler triangular frame with wooden rails was designed. Mass production started in late summer 1943 and by early 1944 several Rocket Battalions had been formed and equipped with this new weapon. The Type 4 was used in combat for the first time during the Battle of Luzon where over a 1,000 were fired, it was also used during the fighting on Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Many launchers and rockets were also stockpiled in Japan for the expected invasion.

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6 Mental Omega News Bulletin #1 (3/11/2014)

Posted by Speeder on November 3, 2014 in Mental Omega APYR News

Let's get this started: regular media updates, here we go! With these I will attempt to regularly bring you news from the development of Mental Omega. We're still pushing the game to its limits and right now, we're working on Act Two of the Mental Omega campaign along with a secret side project I can't disclose to you yet.

As for the status of Beta Revision 2: regular patches for Beta Revision 1 were planned but after the initial release I've realized we've made several mistakes which I hope to fix in the next release. This means that Beta Revision 2 will be another full mod release and not an update. I was hoping for CnCNet5 implementation but the status of that is uncertain for now, so as the months have flown by we've been working on new content to compensate for the lack of regular updates. What I now plan to do is a full release next year with all the new content we've created and new important features & bugfixes which I'll be presenting to you in these media updates, starting now. These weekly or bi-weekly updates will reveal new missions, new maps, new units and even new music.

Speaking of secret side projects, have you seen the latest teaser yet?

It might include some secret side project stuff.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified about upcoming video intel updates as soon as they're up. There'll be a whole new series of shorter and longer development and promo videos.



First of all, you know there's Act One, you know there'll be Act Two. You know how many missions Act One has, but do you know how many missions we aim to have in the complete Third Great War story? The answer is.. 


When it comes to development, we're 1/3 done with the missions for Act Two with 1 dedicated mapper and 4 mission scripters. However, the more the merrier! Here are some previews from one of the new missions for Act Two, this one's entirely made by Sandman. Can you guess what it's about?

Operation: Power Hunger


mission_powerhunger2sm.jpg mission_powerhunger3sm.jpg


With the addition of Toveena to the Mentalmeisters team, the amount of new skirmish maps in the mod is rising rapidly and as the counter grows, I am continuously surprised with new ideas for the battlefield layouts. The skirmish map naming format will also be changed for the next version. The amount of players on a map will be written at the beginning of the file name rather than the end. Because reasons. 


Map Preview #1: (2) Tournament City (snow; standard map pool) by Speeder
Map Preview #2: (4) Ebony and Ivory (temperate; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #3: (4) Temple Toveena (desert; standard map pool) by Toveena

My "(2) Tournament City" is a good start for when it comes to the implementation of Snow Terrain Expansion, which I was uncertain of including before. The need for a snowy city comes mostly from the planned mission in Moscow. The original Red Alert 2 version of that mission didn't exactly look like a huge metropolis covered in snow. Our Moscow will be completely different and definitely in trouble when Yuri reemerges from the shadows.
"(4) Ebony and Ivory" is another skirmish map with a Japanese theme and one of the few new maps to have the rain effects on it. In comparison, "(4) Temple Toveena" is the first map to include capturable neutral vehicles on the battlefield. More skirmish maps will feature them in the next version.


It is true that ever since the release of Beta Revision 1 of Mental Omega 3.0, the Ares Expansion DLL version has leaped from 0.4 to 0.8. I've made use of its many features and its bugfixes, which is something I'll be presenting to you in these media updates as well. There are lots of awesome things you, as a modder, can do with Ares when creating your own mod for Yuri's Revenge so maybe some of this will inspire you.

First comes the way AlexB restored and improved the EM Pulse Cannon superweapon from Tiberian Sun in Ares 0.8. One of the new features I was able to do with it is Drakuv Healthpacks support power. As long as you have a Prison Facility and Drakuv on the field, when you activate this support power, infantry around all of your and your allies' Drakuvs on the battlefield will be quickly healed. This replaces Drakuv's ability to heal T1 infantry. How does it work? A Type=EMPulse super weapon with EMPulse.TargetSelf=yes detonates a map-wide warhead which applies an animation with healing via AttachEffect to all of your/your allies' Drakuvs on the battlefield.


Thanks to Ares, it is now possible to give stealth sensors to buildings, which is why the Soviets now gain these new Sensor Towers. Instead of covering their bases or units like the Allies do with a Gap Generator or the Epsilon does with Chimera Cores, the Soviets can build these counter-intelligence defenses, which will also reveal enemy spies and any incoming enemies to you. Additionally, the Sensor Towers have a sight radius of 14, which is larger than vanilla game without Ares allowed you to have without issues.


The jump in Ares versions allows us to do much more with the game, I'll be covering that later.



 Random things from the Mental Omega workshop, no context, only for speculations or maybe just eye candy. The above is all work by Nooze, done in Blender. You can probably guess the scenarios in which some of these objects will be implemented, but I'll leave showing you the maps and in-game screenshots with the new objects for later.


After our message from July in which I had written that we're in need of additional mission scripters to speed up the development of Act Two, our team has grown larger with the addition of Chinese mission designer Sandman who has created the "Power Hunger" mission depicted above and is working on two additional missions. Mental Omega is a project by fans for fans.


We don't hire professional artists and level designers, but recruit people who'd like to help develop one of the last active modifications for Red Alert 2 today in their free time, to keep the game alive by creating something new for the fans to play.

Apart from Act Two, we're working on another big part of the mod which I hope to unveil sometime soon, depending on how fast development goes. Right now we mostly require new voxels and 3D models so if you're interested in contributing to this new secret project we're working on, write to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com. Even small contributions in the form of single voxels, infantry models or building models are welcome. If you are a capable Red Alert 2 mission scripter, write to us as well.




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1 AGSA Promotional Video

Posted by Allied General on October 24, 2014 in AG Bunker News

Promotional Video for Allied General's Shattered Alliance (AGSA) - a CNC YR modification
btn_yt.png btn_fb.png btn_moddb.png

  • Music - The Empty World - Dark Post Apocalyptic Piano - Walid Feghali 
  • Public domain footage
  • Stock footage Shutterstock
  • Video Editing - Omegabolt
  • Logo - Aro

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0 Japanese Anti-Aircraft Guns.

Posted by Mig Eater on October 18, 2014 in D-Day News

Following on from the last news post here are the Japanese Anti-Air defences, which range from one of the smallest to the biggest AA gun ever used.

To see more information and photos of these guns click on the images to go to their Wiki pages.

Type 96 25mm
In 1935 the Japanese were looking for a new light naval anti-aircraft weapon to replace their Vickers 40mm guns. A group of officers & engineers traveled to France to inspect the 25mm Hotchkiss design, several were bought back to Japan & tested at Yokosuka Navy Yard as the Type 94/95. Soon after a license was agreed & mass production started in Japan as the Type 96. It became the standard Japanese light anti-aircraft weapon with nearly 33,000 built by the end of the war.

Type 99 88mm
Following the battle of Nanking in December 1937 the Japanese captured several German 88mm SK c/30 anti-Air guns that had been bought by the Chinese Kuomintang army. After examining them they realized that they were superior to their own anti-Air guns so work stared on reverse engineering the design & in 1939 a copy of it was put into production as the Type 99. Because of their superiority most were kept on the Japanese home islands to defend vital areas against the Allied air raids.

Type 5 150mm
The Type 5 15cm is the largest anti-aircraft gun ever deployed in combat. Developed from the earlier Type 3 12cm which was designed specifically to counter the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, however it was soon found that the B-29 could fly even higher then the Type 3's effective range so an even bigger gun was needed. Development proceeded quickly & a prototype was soon ready but with Japan's infrastructure destroyed & limited resources only two were built before the end of the war. The two guns were deployed to Kugayama in the outskirts of Tokyo, in their first engagement on 1 August 1945 they successfully shot down two B-29s. Seeing the threat from these new weapons the USAF avoided flying near Kugayama for the rest of the war, so even though they were only used once they still defended Tokyo as an effective deterrence.

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0 Mental Omega #ControlMOre

Posted by Speeder on October 16, 2014 in Mental Omega APYR News

We're alive. We're designing. We want you to #ControlMOre. Here's a teaser of what's to come.

Follow our YouTube channel to be notified about upcoming intel updates.

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0 Japanese Anti-Tank guns

Posted by Mig Eater on September 23, 2014 in D-Day News

Today's news post focuses on Japanese Anti-Tank defences, which range from the inadequate, the opportunistic and the mighty.   

To see more information and photos of these guns click on the images to go to their Wiki pages.

Type 1 47mm

Work on Japan's first indigenous anti-tank gun design started in 1937 with several experimental prototypes built, none were put into production though because of inadequate performance. Following the defeat of Japanese forces to the Soviets During the Nomonhan Incident in 1939 interest in a new anti-tank gun resurfaced. Work on the design continued over the next few years and was finally completed in 1941 and standardised as the Type 1 47mm, production started in 1942 and it was deployed into service during 1943. By then the Allies had introduced newer tank designs witch the Type 1 was unable to effectively defeat, however with no other anti-tank guns available it continued to be used until the end of the war.

Available Pre & Early war.

Type 90 75mm

Designed in 1930 the Type 90 75mm was a field gun based on a French Schneider cannon, the design was an effective weapon but expensive and very complex to build and maintain. It was originally designed as a field gun/light artillery but during the later stages of the war the Type 90 was also successfully used as an anti-tank gun, being one of the few weapons that could effectively defeat the newer Allied tanks. In light of this the weapon was modified and used in the Ho-Ni and Chi-Nu tanks.

Available Mid & Late war.

Type 5 105mm

The Type 5 was an experimental anti-tank gun developed in 1945 during the closing stages of WW2, the Japanese had planned to use this weapon in the Type 5 Ho-Ri tank destroyer but the war ended before a prototype of the Ho-Ri was built.

Available Post war.

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8 Autumn Update

Posted by predator_bg on September 1, 2014 in Contra News (eng)

Welcome back to Contra. It's been a long time. Some people thought we are dead, others thought we are having a super nice vacation. Unfortunately, we were not on a vacation, but fortunately we are alive. That's enough about us. You came here to hear about Contra, right?

First, we'll start off with some new models. Dcesarec presents you the new US drones pack.
From left to right: Zodiac Drone, Stinger Drone, Battle Mechanic, Jet Sniper Drone, Scout Drone and Hellfire Drone.


Second, we have fixed Observer interface. Coordinates now properly match the new interface, which was introduced in 008 beta. Generals' icons are now displayed instead of vanilla faction icons.


The general's portrait can be seen when a player is selected.


Third, we have a new launcher for Contra. Contra now works in conjunction with other mods. But that's not all. You can switch between new and vanilla soundtracks, new and vanilla unit voices. Language and start options are easily selectable too. Made by Predator_BG.


And finally, a new trailer for the upcoming 008 final (big thanks to SmokeMelvin)!


We have recently started testing Contra online to find any bugs and imbalanced stuff. Challenge maps are also being tested. We hope you enjoyed this update. We are not dead.

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